Healthy Eating & The Environment!

Healthy eating is increasingly on every Australian consumer’s agendas and rightfully so! Consumers want to know what they are putting into their bodies, and as a result this healthy eating trend is driving the standard of health products up and increasing the need for ease of accessibility to these unique products.

However, it’s not just their health that consumers are concerned about. Australians want to know if the products they buy are socially and environmentally responsible, as they care about the effect their purchase and eating habits have on the environment. Now more than ever before, information is easily accessible and available for consumers to educate themselves on the products they buy and the impact they have on the environment, so that organisations are held accountable for their environmental imprint.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

At The Bircher Bar, we uphold these values. We understand consumers are increasingly emotionally invested in their food, and see how their food choices effect broader society. That’s why we proudly stock, create and provide a scrumptious range of unique products both locally and Australia wide.

Operating sustainably is our main priority and we are proud to support local producers and suppliers. Through education, many Australians are now opting for more environmentally sustainable options due to the environmental impacts of farming and manufacturing of mainstream products.

At The Bircher Bar, using recycled and compostable products is also important to us as we strive to support green solutions that benefit the environment and the broader world around us. Consuming natural products will not only have a better impact on your body, but also on the environment.

Sugar and Spice and Everything nice!

Across the board certain spices, herbs, dukkahs and salts have continued to have an increased presence in healthy eating as benefits of these substances has become more apparent. We have a great range of delicious, nutritious and health promoting products for you to try in our online store - including our very popular Golden Latte Mix and Macadamia, Lavender & Vanilla Dessert Dukkah, the beautiful Gewurzhaus Australian Bush Herbs & Ethipoian Berbere or the amazing Azuleijo Mediterranean Orange & Fennel and Chilli & Lime finishing salts!

We also have a brilliant range of gluten free, paleo and vegan products available! Stock up your pantry with these delicious products, easily available to purchase online including free shipping for orders over $75! Come visit The Bircher Bar in Lismore, NSW , shop online or contact us for more information.

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