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Teelixir | Medicinal Mushrooms & Tonic Herbs

Teelixir is consciously focused on creating awareness and providing access to the most powerful and regenerative mushroom blends & tonic herbs in the world. Teelixir incorporates ancient systems of healing into consciously crafted formulas, whole herb and superfood products to restore balance to our systems, increase vitality, essence, creativity, mental acuity, strong libido, and overall well-being. These delicious tonic herbs and mushroom blends are easy and convenient to consume at home, the office, before and after workouts, and while on-the-go. 
Teelixir products are created with the highest integrity and shared with the deepest love. Their products represent the culmination of over five thousand years of consistent cultural use and medicinal research, and their development was created to meet the goals of the most discerning of health seekers. 
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