Specialty Latte Blends

 Healthy and Delicious Latte Mixes


Our house-blended latte mixes are an absolute favourite with our customers! Packed with amazing flavour and endless health benefits, they are perfect for serving both hot and over ice, as well as flavour & nutrition boosters for smoothies, cakes & desserts!
We've worked tirelessly to develop delicious, nourishing & all-natural recipes, resulting in our current flagship range of Golden Latte, Spiced Beetroot, Spiced Matcha & our Cayenne-5-Spice Cacao. However you choose to use them, these are a brilliant and healthy start to your day!  
What makes our latte mixes so amazing?
Natural. Nourishing. Humble. Hand-blended in small-batches by our passionate team, they are a brilliant anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich and nutrient dense option, perfect for helping you power through a busy day!

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