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Reusable Coffee Cup Reviews

The Best Reusable Coffee Cups - Tried & Tested

At this point in the game, if you're a genuine coffee lover or cafe goer you really need a great reusable coffee cup.

A recent study & docu-series undertaken by Australia's ABC titled the 'War on Waste' outlined some genuinely shocking statistics, particularly regarding Australia's use of disposable coffee cups.

It was discovered that close to ONE BILLION disposable coffee cups are used in Australia every year, and ARE NOT recycled - finding their way to landfill. To break it down again, this equates around 50,000 disposable coffee cups being discarded every half hour! With coffee being such a global product, you can only imagine what the waste numbers are worldwide.

This statistic alone is enough to warrant the purchase of a reusable cup, but if you need any further motivation we can assure you personally that your coffee will taste better without a cheap plastic liner in your cup, it will stay hotter for longer and you'll even save yourself a bunch of cash at most cafes! 

In our opinion, hot coffee shouldn't be served in plastic as it doesn't retain heat well, can affect the flavour and even carries some potential health implications (see: plastic leaching). Any reusable cups we review below WILL NOT be plastic.

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