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The 3 Best Reusable Coffee Cups Money Can Buy | 2020

There's no hiding from it - if you're a coffee drinker your caffeine routine eats away at a fair chunk of your cash, and if you're getting takeaways, undoubtably has a considerable impact on the environment!

The good news is that there's a cheap and easy fix - a great reusable coffee cup! (also called a travel mug)

Reusable coffee cups are a great choice for a number of reasons.

With an average saving of 50 cents per coffee at most cafes simply by bringing your own cup - the average '2 a day' coffee drinker can save $360 a year!

Furthermore, you're personally removing hundreds of disposable coffee cups from the landfill cycle each year too.


The next question is: which reusable cup should I get?

Well, after years of experience in the cafe industry and road-testing many different brands and styles, I've produced a short and snappy list of the ones we love and keep using to make it easy for you!

Check it out below:

The 3 Best Reusable Coffee Cups Available Right Now:

  1. Joco Reusable Glass Cup
  2. Frank Green Stainless Steel Cup
  3. Keep Cup - Glass & Cork Edition

best reusable coffee cup

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1.) Joco Reusable Glass Cup

buy joco reusable cup

buy joco cup

Founded in 2008, JOCO was born from a simple yet powerful vision to reduce plastic use and eliminate single-use waste. 

The JOCO glass reusable coffee cup is made from the finest quality materials, ensuring it's every bit as efficient and effective as it is aesthetically charming.

Constructed from high-quality borosilicate hand blown glass makes it completely Bisphenol free (BPA, BPF, BPS & EA) as well as etch, shock and thermal resistant. 

The durable glass used to make the stylish drinking vessel means that not only does your favourite accessory look great, but it also doesn't affect the taste of your drink one bit, leaving every sip of your barista latte tasting exactly as it was intended.

The smart silicone sleeve protects your hands from piping hot cappuccinos as well as icy cool frappucinos and the excellent craftsmanship, combined with leading materials, guarantees that your JOCO reusable coffee cups will last a lifetime - no need to ever buy more than one. 

What I Love:

  • Australian-made from non-porous borosilicate glass
  • Anti-splash ergonomic silicone lid with thermal silicone sleeve
  • Both dishwasher safe & microwave safe
  • Highly durable - designed for a lifetime of use
  • Certified non-toxic: BPA free, lead & cadmium free as well as food grade safe LFGB, reach & FDA compliant  
  • They work closely with and support a great ocean conservation organisation

What Could Be Improved: 

  • Not as much heat retention as the Frank Green Cup
  • Lid is definitely not 'leak-proof' - no throwing this one in your bag when full

Where To Buy the Joco Reusable Glass Cup?

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Barista pouring coffee into a glass reusable coffee cup

2.) Frank Green Stainless Steel Coffee Cup

frank green smart coffee cup

buy frank green coffee cup

Since launching in 2013, Frank Green have fast become one of Australia's most popular and recognisable coffee cup brands.

Known for their innovation and ingenuity with features like their Smart Cup 'Cafe Pay' and multi-award-winning designs - they've quickly moved beyond Australian shores and are now finding their place all over the world!

Their more recent stainless steel cup is my pick of the range by far.

Utilising a vacuum-sealed double-walled design - the stainless steel cup offers a great mix of heat retention and durability with sleek modern style.

The push button top and fast-flow pour makes it the easiest reusable cup to use and drink from, and the only brand I've found that is truly designed to be 'leak-proof'.

What I Love:

  • Australian-made & owned
  • One of the only true 'leak-proof' designs
  • Highly durable and very easy to use
  • No plastic in the cup
  • Excellent heat retention - best of any cup I've tried
  • A 12-month warranty on all parts

What Could Be Improved: 

  • The lid, while highly engineered, can be quite fiddly to take apart and out back together for cleaning
  • While 99% plastic-free, the lid internals still contain plastic

Where To Buy the Frank Green Cup?

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frank green coffee cup

 3.) Keep Cup - Glass & Cork Edition

buy keep cup

buy brew cork edition keep cup

Officially launched in 2009 by the brother-sister Melbourne-based cafe owners, Abigail and Jamie Forsyth, Keep Cup were the first commercially-available reusable cups in Australia, and are still probably the most successful!

Realising first-hand that the amount of disposable cups going to landfill was not at all sustainable nor ethical, Keep Cup launched their 'classic cup' to meet the issue.

The 10+ years since has seen Keep Cup go from strength-to-strength, becoming a founding member of the industry standard eco-friendly 'B-corp' and expanding to 65 countries across the world - saving millions of disposable cups from landfill each day!

Keep Cups have been an Australian favourite for over a decade now, and my personal favourite Keep Cup from their collection is the 'Brew Cork Edition'.

This model beautifully combines sustainability with elegant form, design and function for great overall reusable cup option!


What I Love:

  • Australian-made & owned
  • One of the first and longest standing reusable cup brands on the market
  • Durable and sustainable tempered glass and cork band
  • No plastic in the cup
  • Lid is easy to fit and drink from. Seals well.
  • Easy to clean
  • Class-leading with their 'eco-initiatives' and sustainable materials

What Could Be Improved: 

  • While it is definitely spill-proof, it isn't leak proof (e.g. don't throw it in your bag with coffee in it!)
  • Would love to see a completely plastic-free lid

Where To Buy the Brew Cork Keep Cup?

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That's A Wrap!

Thanks as always for reading!

I hope you picked up a bit of inspiration before buying your next reusable cup!

Personally, I really love these three as none have plastic in the body where the hot coffee sits and can leach out any nasties.

All 3 brands and models give differences in ethos, design and function - click the banners to have a good look over them and find that one that best suits you!

best reusable coffee cup

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