SuperFeast | Medicinal Mushrooms & Tonic Herbs

SuperFeast are Australia's leading producers and suppliers of wild harvested and wild-crafted tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms!
In alignment with traditional herbalist philosophy, the amazing wild ingredients used in each of their extracts are sourced from its native home region (Di Tao). This means the mushrooms and herbs grow completely naturally without the interference of inputs from humans, allowing them to develop maximum potency and contribute back to the environment in which they form.
All ingredients are wild harvested or  semi-wild cultivated (wild-crafted), to ensure they are not raised in a monoculture on artificial mushroom ‘food,' and to keep them as close to their ancestral roots as possible. This method is also 100% sustainable, ensuring the tonic herbs will continue to re-populate for future generations to come!
Once obtained, powdered extracts are produced using the most refined natural methods available and independently tested to create the purest and highest quality products possible.
Grounded in thousands of years of empirical evidence, everything from the SuperFeast range below is designed to support, enrich and nourish your body's processes and provide endless health benefits, allowing you to thrive and adapt to your own environment! 
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