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The Bircher Bar is a passionate, creative and fun-loving crew, living it up on the beautiful NSW North Coast.

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We proudly produce a brilliant range of All-Natural, Hand-Made and Small-Batch Artisan Breakfast Blends designed to complement and help cultivate any healthy lifestyle!

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Tried Golden Latte in my local coffee shop, kind of addicted now, so decided to have it at home. Love your product, will buy again when I run out

Liz P.

Bircher Bar is a perfect example of The entrepreneurship that is flourishing here on the North coast, based on unique quality products from ethical producers. So much more than just the fabulous Bircher muesli, this business is a typical example of why Lismore is heralded as a 'mini Melbourne' on the North coast.

Andrew W.

I love the energy mix muesli, it tastes delicious! Healthy and a great way to start my day.

Laura F.

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