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Our Story


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What Is The Bircher Bar?

The Bircher Bar has evolved over the years from a simple market stall into a thriving cafe, shifting again into a health food producer and e-commerce store, and finally now as a premium health, wellness and lifestyle directory. 

Through being so dynamic, we've been privy to all kinds of emerging health trends, and filtered through the truth of what's actually beneficial vs. what can only be termed as 'snake oil' and marketing fads.

Our experience across multiple facets of the health, wellness and lifestyle scene allows us unique insight to review natural products and produce articles that truly contribute to living a better life!

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What Does The Bircher Bar Do?:

Operating with a science background and experiential focus, The Bircher Bar's goal is to connect our customers and followers to the products and brands that we believe are ethical, useful and beneficial to your health & lifestyle, as well as our planet and general wellbeing. 

The brands we feature are only ones we use ourselves and we've been lucky enough to secure some amazing unique Bircher Bar deals, discounts and giveaways with them. If you want access - simply join our email and check your inbox!

Who Is The Bircher Bar? 

The Bircher Bar is a small and tight knit team of health enthusiasts and researchers headed up by the business Founder & Owner - Darcy Ogdon-Nolan.

Darcy Ogdon-Nolan - Founder & Owner

darcy bircher bar founder and business owner

Darcy has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University Of New England and brings a strong focus to the research and scientific evidence behind the health benefits of the products we review and articles we produce.

He has also been an avid pursuer of testing and trying all things that can contribute to improving health and wellbeing for well over a decade now - spending countless hours researching and trying out everything from protein powders and super greens to nootropics and medicinal mushrooms!

Amber Bennett - Head Product Tester & Reviewer

amber bennett

Currently working to complete a Bachelor of Complementary Medicine at Endeavour College Of Natural Health, I am extremely passionate about holistic treatments and the science that backs their efficiency.

Having studied various healing modalities over 8 years, one of my favourites would have to be Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This led me to complete my first accreditation, an Advanced Diploma in Iridology, and kick started further studies into the wider realm of Complementary Medicine.

I especially enjoy studying Nervous System and Gut Health with a keen interest in psychoneuroimmunology.

My knowledge and passion for Complementary Therapies paired with a love of all things health improvement allows me to thoroughly test and review products and provide honest, science backed reviews on my personal experience using them.

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