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Golden Latte Mix

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Golden Latte Mix - Natural, Nourishing, Delicious & Wholesome

Start your day in the best possible way with a super nutritious Bircher Bar Golden Latte. With a range of health benefits that include enhanced mood, increased brain function, skin benefits and released muscle tension, you’ll be wondering why you ever woke up to anything else.

We source only the highest quality ingredients to create a mix that will invigorate your senses and awaken your mind. 


History of the Golden Latte

Traditionally used in Aryuvedic medicine some 4000 years ago, Golden Milk is again being recognised for its delicious flavour and health-promoting benefits! Anti-inflammatory, nutritionally dense and anti-oxidant rich, this is a delicious & warming mix that will nourish the body and leave you feeling great!

With over 10,000 peer reviewed studies the benefits of turmeric alone are undeniable -

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Serving Suggestion:

Add 1 tsp of Golden Latte Mix per 200ml of milk (coconut is our favourite!). Pan heat or steam until the mix has blended - serve hot or cold over ice, dust with cinnamon and sweeten with raw honey to taste!    

Also use as the perfect flavour & nutrition booster for smoothies, desserts, cooking and baking!


Ingredients: turmeric, cinnamon, ginger & black pepper


 | Gluten Free | Paleo | Vegan |