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Australia's Best Vegan Protein Powder (including Organic & Raw Blends)

raw vegan protein powder

A high-quality vegan protein powder is a quick, easy and healthy way to boost the amount of protein you consume. Choosing a vegan powder simply means the protein is plant-based (like seeds, hemp, nuts, legumes and grains) instead of animal-based (such as egg, whey, casein etc.).

If you’re looking for 'the best' and cleanest vegan protein powder, it’s important to know that not all are made equal and that what one person loves, another may not.

Soy protein is probably the most common vegan protein base but in more recent times there have been a number of other plant-based protein powder options hit the market that are proving super popular, healthy and affordable as well (such as rice, pea & hemp).

Unfortunately, like most industries, there are a number of vegan protein options on the market that are made from 'questionably-sourced' ingredients (i.e. GMO, contaminated areas etc.) so no matter what your preference of vegan protein is, the most important detail in my eyes is that they are HIGH-QUALITY, ETHICALLY SOURCED & GOOD FOR YOU!

Having worked in the health food industry for many years, and as a lover of vegan protein powder myself, the four Australian brands I keep going back to are White Wolf Nutrition, Tropeaka, Hemp Foods Australia and True Protein.

All four companies are transparent in their practices and between them, create a number of great options using several plant-based protein styles to create blends that taste great, have excellent texture and pack in high-levels of protein per serve, with well-balanced amino acid profiles.

I've put this article together to help answer some of the most common questions surrounding vegan protein, and detail the brands that I think make the best vegan protein powder in Australia.

Check out what you'll find below:


  1. Is Vegan Protein Powder Easy To Digest?
  2. Is Vegan Protein As Good As Whey Protein?
  3. Do I Need To Take Protein Powder?
  4. What Is The Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder?
  5. Key Blends Of White Wolf Nutrition, Tropeaka, Hemp Foods Australia & True Protein
  6. Where To Buy The Best Vegan Protein Powders? (as well as a special discount for our readers)

best vegan protein powders australia

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1.) Is vegan protein powder easy to digest?

Many people find vegan protein powder to be easier to digest than standard protein powders. This is because most animal-based protein powder is made from dairy products such as whey protein that a lot of people are at least a little intolerant to.

The pea protein powder found in many of the White Wolf Nutrition, Tropeaka and True Protein blends and the organic hemp from Hemp Foods Australia is naturally dairy-free & gluten-free, making it great for coeliacs or anyone who struggles to properly digest gluten.

Not only that, but these types of protein powder are also free from eight of the most common food allergens: tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, cow’s milk, wheat and soy.

If you’ve got a common food intolerance or allergy, pea protein or hemp protein (also called 'hemp seed protein') are great vegan protein options to consider (as long as it’s not peas or hemp you’re allergic to of course!)

organic vegan protein powder

2.) Is vegan protein powder as good as whey protein?

According to a study by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, vegan protein powder is just as efficient as whey protein powder for building and maintaining muscle.

One of the main arguments people have against plant-based protein powders is that some don't contain the full spectrum of essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and are therefore aren't a 'complete protein'.

This is where hemp protein such as Hemp Foods Australia's key blends come into their own as they are naturally a 'complete' and organic plant-based protein - making them a great option for simple protein shakes.

That being said, getting the full spectrum of amino acids from other plant proteins isn't difficult at all. Many brands very effectively combine several plant proteins (e.g. pea and rice protein) to create a complete protein supplement with the full amino acid profile (e.g. True Proteins Vegan 85 Blend, Tropeaka Lean Protein, or White Wolf Nutrition's All-In-One Superfood Blends).

Since high-quality plant-based protein powder provides high-levels of easily digestible protein - they are not only as good as whey, many are even much better!

best tasting vegan protein powder australia
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3.) Do I need to take protein powder?

vegan protein powder no soy

The answer to this question is all down to your lifestyle and health goals. Many of us need to, or simply want to, boost our nutritional intake with high-quality supplements such as protein powders, greens powder and other vitamin / mineral rich foods.

When discussing protein though, the recommended amount of protein the average person is 0.8g per Kg of bodyweight. (For example, if you weigh 65kg, you should be consuming 52g of protein each day — 65 x 0.8 = 52).

If you’re vegan, you can get a good amount of protein from a healthy and diverse plant-based diet. Take this 1-day meal plan for example:

  • Breakfast: whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and a banana
  • Snack: almonds and soy yoghurt
  • Lunch: baked potato with salad
  • Dinner: tofu, bulgur and broccoli

This provides roughly around 65g of protein, which in itself can be enough daily protein depending on your body weight and activity levels.

The recommended amount of protein for someone who exercises regularly is 1.5-2g per kg of body weight. So if you weigh 65 kg and are quite active, you’d need 98 -130g of protein each day.

To get this amount of protein from food could require you to eat some pretty massive meals so this is where vegan protein powders really come into their own.

Check out this great infographic below on protein & vegan diets:

Infographic about veganism

4.) What is the best tasting vegan protein powder?

This is obviously a very personal question but as good as protein powder is for you, you're not going to use it if you can't stand the taste or texture.

I'm sure we've all come across a protein powder that we used once and then pushed to the back of the cupboard in disgust. Common complaints are that many vegan protein powders have a 'fermented' and off-putting taste along with a grainy texture.

On the flip-side, many of the powders that people enjoy the taste of aren't actually that good for you - often packed with fillers and numbers, and sourced from some questionable suppliers.

I've tested a lot of different powders and spoke to many other customers before settling on the brands that I have.

I like the texture of nearly all White Wolf, Tropeaka, Hemp Foods & True Protein blends, and with a huge range of flavours I can guarantee there is something there for you whether you're a chocolate-fiend, vanilla-lover or after something simpler - or even more exotic!

Texture and flavour are always a personal preference though so the only real way to gauge it for yourself is to give it a try!

Hit the links below the banner to head over and check out what each supplier has on offer. I've also listed some more info and links below on some of the flavours I use regularly.

best vegan protein powder for weight loss
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5.) Key Blends Of White Wolf, Tropeaka, & True Protein

White Wolf Nutrition's Key Blends:

Creamy Vanilla: Naturally sweet without any added sugar. Works great in smoothies, doughs and pancake batters

Smooth Chocolate: White Wolf's most popular flavour, an easy one to simply mix with water or plant milk.

Salted Caramel: I love this one for adding flavour and protein to oatmeal and overnight oats.

Iced Coffee: Perfect for a bit of a caffeine kick with a protein boost. Blend with banana and ice for a thick and creamy iced coffee protein hit.

They also have a great product called 'The Vegan Sampler' which gives you a 30g bag of each flavour. This is a great way to try the whole range and find your favourite.

Furthermore, if you're looking to really ramp up your overall vegan nutrition plan, they also have a solid range of aminos, greens powders, pre-workout powder & more.

vegan and gluten free protein powder

True Protein's Key Protein & Sports Nutrition:

True Protein has made all of their vegan proteins from a blend of rice and pea protein to create a highly-absorbable and complete protein.

Vegan 85 — True Proteins 'flagship' vegan protein blend. A complete protein made by combining pea and brown rice proteins, Vegan 85 is a superb source of protein and comes in 5 delicious flavours: natural, rich chocolate, French vanilla, organic coffee mocha and salted caramel.

Vegan Superfood — Made by blending Belgian pea protein, US rice protein and German pumpkin protein with nine other natural whole foods and superfood powders, this is a great way to boost your protein intake and up your nutrition as well. Available in Rich Chocolate or French Vanilla.

Beyond protein, these guys have a staggering range of vegan-friendly supplements and health products including ZMA, pre-workout, greens powder, glutamine, superfood powders, protein bars and many more - head over and give them a look!

high quality vegan protein powder

Tropeaka's Key Protein Powders:

Tropeakas protein powders are all vegan, soy-free and organic. They use a blend of super high-quality rice and pea protein in all their powders.

Lean Proteins - have loads of additional all-natural and nutrient-dense ingredients to help build lean muscle, boost immunity and support post-workout tissue repair.

Lean Protein Vanilla - Flavoured by natural vanilla bean, with no refined sugars and packed with loads of other nutrients for speedy tissue recovery and lean muscle building.

Lean Protein Chocolate - A delicious protein with a 5-star health rating. Flavoured with organic cocoa + cacao with a natural sweetener makes this protein a perfect addition for healthy baking and smoothies.

Lean Protein Salted Caramel - For the decadent...savour the salty caramel flavour, brought out by organic mesquite, maca, lucuma and a touch of Himalayan pink salt.

Pump Proteins stripped back to the bare essentials and not containing much more than a pure pea protein isolate, formulated to deliver the maximum amount of slow-release possible.

Pump Protein Vanilla - Same delightful natural vanilla bean flavouring as the lean protein, a super versatile flavour to work with.

Pump Protein Chocolate - smooth chocolate that mixes in well with almost anything if you're a chocolate lover - but who isn't?!

All of the suppliers we've recommended have some incredible recipes and ways to use their protein powders - here's a quick look at Tropeakas incredible Choc Protein Bliss Balls to get you inspired though!

Hemp Foods Australia Key Protein Powders:

Hemp Foods Australia hemp protein powders are 100% organic and naturally vegan, gluten-free and preservative-free. They are made entirely in the pristine Byron Bay region of Australia from a purely mechanical process - using no heat or chemicals.

As an easily-digestible and 'complete' protein with the perfect Omega 3 - Omega 6 essential fatty acid ratio - Hemp Foods proteins are an excellent vegan protein option with a range of other health benefits.

Organic Hemp Protein: Unflavoured - This a smooth and creamy hemp protein, perfect to use when you'd prefer the flavour from other ingredients shine through (smoothies, breakfast bowls etc.)

Organic Hemp Protein: Chocolate - A very similar blend to the unflavoured blend, the simple addition of cacao and natural chocolate flavour makes this a beautiful blend for a chocolate lovers protein shake. A great addition for desserts too!

Organic Hemp Protein: Vanilla - Again, a similar make-up to the unflavoured blend with the addition of natural vanilla flavour and vanilla bean extract. It's smooth & creamy with a subtle vanilla taste - great for smoothies desserts and straight-up shakes.

100% Organic Hemp Raw Protein Powder - Far and away the most protein-rich blend of the Hemp Foods range, this product is nothing else other than 100% pure organic hemp protein powder! Without any other ingredients to smooth out the texture - this blend is not my first pick for a simple protein shake but is perfect for smoothies, desserts and baking. Probably the best blend that we feature in this entire article for getting large amounts of a complete plant-based protein in your diet.

hemp foods australia protein powder

5.) Where To Buy The Best Vegan Protein Powders?

As mentioned throughout the article - of all the vegan protein powders I've tried and tested over the years, True Protein, Tropeaka, and White Wolf Nutrition are my favourite brands for their quality, consistency, flavour, texture and their high business standards and ethics.

You can click any of the banners and links throughout this article to jump over and check them out for yourself, but if you've made it this far, I'd like to let you know that you can also jump to the top of this page and 'Join Our Email' to get a unique discount code for both brands that will save you some $$ on your purchase too.

best vegan protein powder bodybuilding
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That’s a Wrap!

You might be searching for the best plant-based powder because you’re moving to a more plant-based lifestyle, you’re trying to ease digestive discomfort or for another reason entirely — it doesn’t matter. There are now some super high-quality options available from great Australian brands to help you nail your health, diet and lifestyle goals.

As always, thanks a tonne for reading. If you’ve got any questions, queries or contributions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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