What is a Chai Latte?

Chai Latte

What is a Chai Latte?

The Chai latte is definitely not a newcomer to the beverage scene but any chai lover knows that you'll rarely find two blends that taste the same.

The modern Chai Latte (or at least The Bircher Bar's Chai Latte) traces it's origins back to the streets of India where it has been traditionally served as 'Masala Chai' from street vendors or 'Chai Wallah's' across the sub-continent.

Technically speaking, 'Chai' refers to the tea component of the original 'Masala Chai' recipe and 'Masala' references the spice blend - but despite the name, many modern Chai Latte blends (including ours) are offered caffeine-free without the black tea component (which you can of course add yourself if you please!) 

Masala Chai is traditionally quite a sweet drink with many modern Chai Latte blends also heavy on the sugar. Our blend looks to keep it simple - coming to you 100% all-natural, caffeine-free, unsweetened and hand-made.

As mentioned, most Chai blends you find will have a different flavour profile from one another with even traditional recipes varying depending on the region they are made and the spices available. Ours is a nourishing and anti-inflammatory mix showcasing bold cinnamon, ginger and cardamom flavours with beautiful undertones of nutmeg, vanilla and Chinese-5-Spice!

Here's a quick recipe that you can put together at home in less than 5 minutes - so simple, warming and delicious:  



Combine everything in a pan and gently heat until warm (don't let it boil). Pour through a tea strainer or muslin cloth and serve.

Simple as that! Tried, tested and heartily approved by many already, I'm sure this will satisfy your Chai cravings!


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