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The 7 Best Matcha Powders In Australia (For Tea & Latte)

If you've ever wondered what the steaming hot green drink is that cafes are serving up all over Australia (& the world) - it's probably matcha!

Matcha is a rich green coloured powder that is made from stone-ground young green tea leaves.

You're probably aware of the health benefits of green tea, well, Matcha tea powder being much more concentrated arguably offers more powerful health benefits, super high levels of antioxidants, and can be easily used in various types of recipes (i.e. with nigella seeds).

Matcha tea is categorised in two ways - as 'ceremonial grade matcha tea' or 'culinary grade matcha tea'. The best matcha is typically ceremonial and is used in Japanese tea rituals for its vibrant green colour, calming effects and smooth flavour. This high-quality powder is made from the youngest green tea leaves available with all stems and veins removed for the highest purity.

Culinary matcha tea is made from slightly older green tea leaves but is not necessarily 'poorer quality' - it just offers different properties. As the name suggests, this matcha powder is better used for cooking as it's slightly more astringent and bitter. It is generally cheaper as there are more older leaves available to make it from.

Today, we introduce you to our favourite places to buy high-quality ceremonial and culinary matcha tea in Australia, as well as some exciting new styles of matcha blends. All of these brands are tried, tested and widely-regarded for producing fresh, pure matcha with brilliant taste, colour and vibrancy!

best matcha australia

1.) Kenko Tea

kenko tea australia


Of the matcha powders I love on this list, I believe the best pure matcha powder made by an Australian company Australia is Kenko Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha.

Kenko Tea offers a variety of ceremonial grade and culinary grade matcha, suitable for both cooking and tea ceremony with multiple health benefits.

Their impressive range of matcha powders is curated by their founder Sam, who was formerly a chef in Australia. At Kenko tea, along with some of the best green tea matcha green tea powder, you can get your hands on an assortment of accessories and tea sets.

Click the links below to explore their range:

Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder

  • Available in packs from 30 grams to 100 grams depending on your needs.
  • The tea matcha leaves have been sourced from the prestigious Nishio region of Southern Japan.
  • This is the best grade matcha from Kenko, and produces a creamy froth with a very delicate taste on the palette.
  • Certified organic, packed full of antioxidants and loaded with L-theanine.

Culinary Grade Matcha Powder

  • This is a matcha powder designed for your cooking, baking, or blending needs.
  • As with all Kenko Tea matcha - this product is Non-GMO, Raw and vegan friendly, Gluten and dairy-free & Tested for heavy metal, pesticide, and radiation.

Japanese Matcha Tea Gift Set

  • This is a 6 piece gift set that comes with all the necessary utensils required to make a beautiful cup of ceremonial matcha.
  • An affordable, practical and traditional gift set for fellow matcha lovers.


  • Third-Party Testing: Yearly reports for lead and radiation testing are available upon request.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping for orders over $100 in Australia.
  • Sustainability: Sourced from sustainable tea growers in Japan.


  • Price: Higher price point for ceremonial grade matcha, which may be considered steep for some consumers.
  • Limited Range: Focuses solely on matcha, offering no other tea blends.

2.) Pique Sun Goddess Matcha

pique sun goddess matcha

Pique is a company deeply rooted in the world of tea and functional plants, inspired by Eastern traditions and a modern scientific understanding of natural medicine and plant extracts.

They've become one of the most famous and sought after tea brands on the planet in recent years - with none more popular than their Sun Goddess Matcha Blend.

Pique Tea Sun Goddess Matcha is a unique offering in the matcha market that offers high concentrations of the compounds L-Theanine (26-39mg) and polyphenols (195-293mg) of which matcha's health benefits are largely attributed to.

The quality of the Sun Goddess Matcha is largely attributed to their cultivation processes with the matcha plants undergoing 35% longer shading periods to maximise phytonutrient potential. Additionally, the product is Quadruple Toxin-Screened for pesticides, heavy metals, toxic mold, and radioactive isotopes, ensuring a clean and pure product

This particular matcha powder is the product of third-generation teamasters using 130-year-old techniques. The tea is sourced from Kagoshima, located in a lush valley at the southernmost tip of the Japanese archipelago. Its location offers it protection from environmental toxins, making its purity unrivalled. The matcha farm is situated high in the mountains, where the cooler temperatures also act as a natural insect repellent.

With thousands of 5-star reviews from countless happy customers and endorsements from doctors, authors and high-performers such as Mark Hyman (MD), Sara Gottfried & Tim Ferriss, Pique Tea's Sun Goddess Matcha is definitely one worth trying for yourself.

Click the links below to explore their range:

Pique Tea Organic & Ceremonial Grade Sun Goddess Matcha

  • 100% organic and ceremonial-grade 
  • Sourced from Kagoshima, Japan, an area known for its purity and ideal conditions for tea farming
  • Cultivated with longer shading periods and the product is quadruple toxin-screened for pesticides, heavy metals, toxic mold, and radioactive isotopes, ensuring a clean and safe product
  • An excellent umami flavor with a fresh, creamy rich taste


  • Quadruple Toxin Screening: Rigorous third-party testing for pesticides, heavy metals, toxic mold, and radioactive isotopes.
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with free return shipping.
  • High-Quality Source: Sourced from high-altitude farms in Kagoshima, Japan, known for purity.


  • Price: Higher price point compared to other brands.
  • Limited International Shipping: Free shipping only applies to domestic US orders.

3.) Sipspa Organic Matcha

Sipspa, a 100% Australian and female-owned brand, stands out for its commitment to delivering ceremonial-grade matcha that offers more than just a delightful flavour.

Originating from an organic matcha tea farm in Kyushu, Japan, Sipspa's matcha is a harmonious blend of tradition and quality, providing an experience that transcends mere taste.

The brand is proud of its JAS-certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free matcha, allowing you to enjoy every sip without any guilt.

Click the links below to explore their range:

Sipspa Ceremonial Grade Matcha

  • Sipspa's ceremonial matcha is a tribute to the art of fine tea, featuring handpicked green tea leaves that are transformed into a vibrant green powder, encapsulating both quality and freshness.
  • Comes in an air-tight 30g tin to maintain the aroma and flavours.
  • Matcha subscriptions available with an introductory offer of 20% off and free shipping.

Matcha Tea Set

  • If you're new to matcha, Sipspa's 6-piece tea set is a good starting point.
  • The set is designed with both form and function in mind. It includes organic ceremonial matcha, a bamboo whisk, a whisk holder, a scoop, and a sieve.
  • The sieve is a unique feature. It's not commonly found in other tea sets but it can make a difference in the texture of your matcha.
  • All tea sets come with the perk of free shipping.


  • Quality Assurance: JAS-certified organic, ensuring it meets the highest standards.
  • Health-focused: Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, with lab tests conducted for pesticides and radiation.
  • Flexible Payment and Returns: Offers a 'Sip now, pay later' option and a 30-day no-hassle return policy.
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping within Australia for orders over $49.


  • Price Point: Slightly higher cost compared to other brands, but justified by the quality.
  • Mild Taste: Some customers have noted that the taste is milder than expected, which may not suit those looking for a stronger flavour profile.

4.) Happy Matcha

happy matcha australia

Hand-picked and traditionally stone-ground in Japan’s Uji region - Happy Matcha is home to some of the best matcha powder Australia has to offer.

With both ceremonial grade and culinary grade available, Happy Matcha produce a powder for every need and price point.

Certified organic and offering free shipping with a 30-day money-back ‘happiness guarantee’, this is definitely a brand to try for yourself!

Click the links below to explore their range:

Organic Matcha Green Tea – Ceremonial Grade

  • Vibrant green, naturally sweet and smooth - this is your go-to for traditional tea ceremonies
  • Made from the finest leaves available - this is the highest quality green tea powder in their range
  • Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and 100% free from any adulteration.

Organic Matcha Green Tea – Culinary Grade

  • A great companion to satisfy all your cooking requirements and impart an umami flavour to all your dishes.
  • It has a strong flavour profile that complements sweet and savoury dishes alike.
  • The texture of the powder is extremely fine, the colour is bright, and the aroma is clean and pleasant.

Matcha Tea Set

  • A great purchase for a first-time encounter with matcha tea.
  • The set includes organic matcha tea, a bamboo whisk or a Chasen, and a matcha tea scoop or a Chasaku - perfect for the ceremony.


  • Certified Organic: JAS certified organic matcha.
  • Mid-Range Pricing: Offers a balanced range of products that cater to both budget and premium preferences.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Full refund within 30 days if not satisfied.
  • Free Delivery: Offers free delivery on all orders.


  • Limited Product Range: Focuses mainly on matcha, offering less variety in tea blends.

    5.) Teelixir Matcha Mushroom Latte Blend

    teelixir matcha latte australia

    Teelixir is one of Australia’s best producers of medicinal mushrooms and herbal medicine blends - and their mushroom matcha mix is simply divine.

    Launched in 2014 by co-founders Julze and Daniel, Teelixir’s mission is to help people regain their health through ancient wisdom and principles of tonic herbalism, and the herbal tonics, mushrooms, and superfoods.

    This specialty latte mix combines ceremonial-grade shade-grown Japanese matcha with a number of other powerful health-boosting ingredients for a blend that is not only versatile and delicious, but a great option for boosting overall well-being!

    Click the link below to check it out:

    Mushroom Matcha Mix

    • Combines amazing benefits of ceremonial-grade shade-grown Japanese matcha with organic Lion’s Mane mushroom and peppermint
    • Great for boosting energy and brain function as a natural ‘adaptogenic nootropic’.
    • Beautifully balanced and well-rounded flavour with zero additives, sugar, preservatives or fillers
    • Organic | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Paleo | Non-GMO


    • Rigorous Heavy Metal Testing: Follows the guidelines of the Low Heavy Metals Verified Organization, adhering to their 'Gold Standard' for ensuring low and safe levels of heavy metals.
    • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Offers a no-questions-asked refund.
    • Free Shipping: Free standard shipping on all orders over $60 within Australia.


    • Not a Matcha Specialist: Matcha is not Teelixir's core focus, potentially affecting authenticity for purists.
    • Limited Product Range: Focuses on a unique blend of matcha and mushroom, offering less variety compared to other brands.

    6.) Matcha Maiden

    matcha maiden australia

    Offering some of the best and most sought-after matcha on the market, Matcha Maiden has been a favourite in Australia since 2014. The matcha is produced and sourced from Kyoto, one of the best places to find the highest quality matcha green tea, during the first harvest of each year.

    Matcha Maiden is one of the most recognisable, highly-reviewed and popular matcha brands available.

    Click the links below to explore their range:

    Certified Organic Matcha Powder

    • Great for issues with low energy and poor concentration.
    • The aftertaste of this matcha is sweet, mild, and subtle.
    • You can use this powder to make traditional Japanese matcha drinks like Koicha.
    • You can also use it to make more contemporary and trendy drinks like a creamy cup of matcha latte.

    'Fly Me To The Immune' Matcha Blend

    • Skilfully combines certified organic matcha with peppermint, ginger, fennel seed and dandelion root to boost immunity, help the liver and soothe the stomach.
    • Great for an interesting and delicious variation on a classic matcha latte blend

    'Light My Fire Metabolism' Matcha Blend

    • A metabolism-boosting mix of organic matcha with cinnamon, cayenne pepper, olive leaf and Siberian ginseng.
    • A great blend to get the body firing on all cylinders early in the morning!


    • Certified Organic: Matcha is certified organic by JAS.
    • Community Focus: Strong sense of community and a family business philosophy.
    • Affordable Options: Offers a variety of products at lower price points, making it accessible for a wider audience.
    • Free Shipping: Offers free regular shipping on select products within Australia.


    • No Refunds for Change of Mind: Refunds or exchanges are not provided if you simply change your mind.

    7.) T2 Matcha Powder

    t2 matcha australia

    As easily the most reputable and recognisable tea company in Australia - T2 are now world-famous for their amazing range and super high-quality products.

    Their matcha is no exception - being 100% organic and shade-grown from the pristine Japanese Shizuoka Prefecture and ground in small batches to remain fresh and antioxidant-rich.

    Aside from producing a beautiful and pure ceremonial grade powder, they are also a certified B-corp offering free shipping, Afterpay and a huge range of stunning giftware as well!

    Click the link below to check it out:

    T2 100% Organic Matcha - Ceremonial Grade

    • Premium quality and versatile no matter how you like to use your matcha
    • Packaged beautifully in two sizes
    • Reviewed very well from many customers


    • Quality Assurance: Multiple rounds of sampling to ensure the highest quality.
    • 30-Day Return Policy: Offers refunds or exchanges within 30 days for most items.
    • Free Shipping: Free standard shipping for online purchases over $50 within Australia.


    • No Returns on Opened Tea: Cannot accept returns or exchanges for opened tea products.

    T2 also has a brilliant video on how to make the perfect cup of matcha - you can use this method with any of the brands in this article too!

    Check it out below:


    A few quick answers to some of our most commonly asked questions when it comes to buying matcha powder.

    Where To Buy Matcha Powder In Australia?

    All of the links under the manufacturers mentioned in this article will take you to the best place you can buy their matcha in Australia (and the world!).

    What To Buy For Matcha Lovers?

    If you already know your intended gift recipient loves matcha, then don't get them a lower grade matcha powder (i.e. culinary matcha) or a 'matcha blend - it likely won't cut the mustard. Get them a high-grade ceremonial matcha powder that is super refined and pure.

    Furthermore, if they don't already have one - every matcha lover needs a matcha tea set so they can truly craft an immersive matcha tea ceremony.

    Rather than buying your matcha from large supermarket chains like Coles and Woolworths, there are a number of great small-batch matcha producers here in Australia that offer both culinary and ceremonial-grade matcha that is of outstanding quality.

    Where Can I Buy Matcha In  Bulk?

    If you're looking for bigger batches than what's offered by any retailers, we'd recommend getting in touch with the manufacturers we've mentioned here directly (particularly Kenko Tea & Happy Matcha) to see what they can arrange for you.

    Final Thoughts

    While all of the powders above may share many similar characteristics, there are definitely subtle differences in taste, aroma and vibrancy.

    Matcha is all about the ritual and experience - I recommend you experiment and test a few for yourself to find the perfect one that satisfies your particular palette.

    Finally - help for this piece came from the very knowledgeable Trevor at Best Japan Items. Jump over and check them out if you’d like to explore a few more amazing Japanese culture inspired products!

    Darcy Ogdon-Nolan

    Holding a Bachelor Of Science (Hons.) combined with close to a decade now in the health food and wellness industry, I believe I'm uniquely positioned to provide a depth of knowledge and first-hand experience on emerging health products, trends and ideas! From greens powders and medicinal mushrooms through to protein powders and workout nutrition - I'm particularly interested in what modern science can uncover about what human cultures have been using to treat ailments for millennia!

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