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Dalgona Coffee: What It Is & How To Make It.

Dalgona coffee fell in my lap (not literally) during one of my frequent morning searches for new and exciting coffee tech. I’m not a Tik Tok user or even that big into Instagram but it didn’t take long to figure out that this simple instant coffee variation is taking the ‘social media world’ by storm.

Being a coffee lover and willing to give any new recipe its due - I thought I’d dive in and try it out.

Iced coffee aka dalgona coffee
Photographer: Isabela Kronemberger | Source: Unsplash

What Is Dalgona Coffee?:

Dalgona coffee is loosely based on an Indian drink called Phenti Hui coffee (also being called cloud coffee, whipped coffee or beaten coffee). ‘Dalgona’ refers to a type of Korean honeycomb toffee candy, and while most recipes don’t actually contain dalgona, the quintessential frothy head is said to look a lot like it - hence the name.

It’s surge in popularity first started earlier this year when South Korean actor Jung Il-Woo first presented on a South Korean TV show. It exploded across YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram with people all around the world flocking to make their own version of it.

Dalgona Coffee & Brownie
Photographer: Claudiu Hegedus | Source: Unsplash

How To Make Dalgona Coffee:

If I’m honest, instant coffee really isn’t my thing.

I’m never too far from a bag of whole beans, a good grinder and a great coffee maker so that’s always my number one choice.

In the spirit of a coffee-related adventure though I wanted to give it a go, but with one major caveat: The instant coffee had to be high-quality ... and interesting.

There is waaaaay too much dodgy instant coffee on the market and I wanted to spice up the idea a touch with a Bircher Bar twist, so to tick these boxes - this is the coffee I used.

Dalgona Coffee Recipe:

Making dalgona coffee really is as easy as a recipe comes. It only calls for a few simple ingredients - the magic is all in the quality of instant coffee you use and your vigorous whisking!

Check out The Bircher Bar version below:

ingredients: milk, ice cubes and coffee cream
Photographer: Isabela Kronemberger | Source: Unsplash


  • Yields: 1 serve
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes



  • Whisk
  • Tablespoon
  • Medium bowl
  • Glass to serve


  1. Combine your sugar, coffee, and cold water in a medium bowl and begin to whisk.
  2. Continue whisking for about 5 minutes or until your mixture has thickened and become foamy.
  3. Fill your glass with the ice and pour your coconut milk over top. Add the whipped coffee mix to the top of the glass.

And there you have it! Dalgona Coffee!

iced creamy coffee
Photographer: Isabela Kronemberger | Source: Unsplash

So ... Is Dalgona Any Good?:

It’s definitely worth a try but it won’t be replacing my morning coffee. For someone who doesn’t take sugar in coffee, this is much more like a dessert than anything else. It was fun to make though and an easy way to impress your camping buddies if you forget to pack a coffee maker and need to resort to an instant coffee fix!

Try it out and let me know what you think.


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