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The many ways you can help fight the #WaronWasteAU

The reality is that the world is our home, and looking after the environment should be a priority for every person. Often, this priority is forgotten and we unnecessarily create waste that damages the environment and its resources every passing day. This can range from large multinational corporations polluting natural areas of the environment with mass amounts of waste, to a single person dropping their rubbish on the street as they walk.

While it may seem like a big issue to tackle, the truth is that everyone can do something small each day to minimise their global footprint and help protect the environment. Read below for a few simple ways that you can make a difference. Implementing these simple methods in your day to day can make a positive impact.



By making sure you put recyclable items such as soft drinks cans, milk bottles, carboards containers and so on in the right recycle bin, this ensures we are recycling the materials we can to reduce the amount of waste we generate as a society. This is something simple that only takes an extra second of you time to consider. The Bircher Bar now proudly stocks Onya re-useable carry bags and produce bags - entirely made from recycled plastic bottles! Currently available in-store and coming to the online shop soon!


Stop buying coffee cups

If you buy at least one take away coffee every day in a week, that’s seven cups a week of waste you are generating. Why not switch over to a sustainable cup today? This reusable item means you will not generate any additional waste. The Frank Green Smart Cup has been labelled as the world’s smartest coffee cup, taking out the 2015 Product Category Good Design Award. You can buy your one re-usable coffee cup at the Bircher Bar today!


Leave your car at home

By reducing the amount you drive, you will not only save money, but you will also reduce your global footprint. Walking or riding a bike is not only good for you, but will also mean you will be helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Even opt for public transport over driving your car, and combine your errands into one outing.


Don’t waste water

Water is one of our most precious resources and should not be wasted. Something simple you can do to save water is turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth while unused water is just going down the drain. These little changes you can implement into your daily routine will add up and make a difference. Have quick showers and reduce the amount of baths you have.

At The Bircher Bar, we are passionate about making all-natural products and packaging them in an environmentally sustainable manner to do right by the world around us!

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