The Bircher Bar is For Sale!

The Bircher Bar is For Sale!From humble market stall beginnings back in 2014 through to a bustling café/pantry section for an amazing 2 years and now into an ever-growing online store and wholesale producer – this has been an incredible ride!

The people we’ve met, experiences had and lessons learned over these last 4 years or so have been nothing short of life changing, however, circumstances change and it's time to move on to other ventures!

The opportunities with this business are huge, including continuing to build the online & wholesale platform, re-opening the cafe/pantry space (everything is 90% done) or completely re-shaping it as you see fit!


The Bircher Bar was started in late 2014 as a humble market stall in the Northern Rivers of NSW - serving fresh made health foods over a recycled timber bar.

It evolved rapidly from here in late 2015 into a bustling cafe and pantry section in the Lismore CBD, serving a great range of vegetarian food and drinks - mostly all made from scratch and as locally sourced as possible.

At the beginning of 2018, the decision was made to close the cafe & pantry section to fully focus on the steadily-growing online store and wholesale arm of the business. 

As an online business, we now have 12 unique, all-natural, small-batch and hand-made health food products stocked in over 60 locations Australia-wide. The online store has approximately 150 high-quality health food products listed with great SEO rankings for a number of keywords.


A huge amount of time and money have been invested in developing The Bircher Bar as business and brand over the last 4 years and there are countless opportunities available to build the business in whichever direction desired.

It is presently being operated as a online store and wholesale producer with great, currently working with a fantastic bunch of stockists and customer as well as having excellent systems in place to continue building both of these businesses and the brand as a whole.

There is also the option of re-opening the cafe/pantry side of the business here in the CBD as 90% of the physical location is still fit-out and ready to do so. All permits and infrastructure are in place with a strong local brand reputation if you choose to operate as The Bircher Bar.

Needless to say, there is also the option of re-establishing however you see fit!

If you're genuinely interested and would love to know more, email Darcy at or if you know anyone who is, please tell them to get in touch!

Thanks kindly - Darcy :)

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