Get a free bag of our Golden Latte Blend with EVERY order!

Yup. You read that correctly. For the entire month of November (01/11/18 - 30/11/18), we are packing a 70g bag of our Golden Latte Blend into every single order placed through our online store!

Golden Latte Blend
Golden Latte Blend

Whether you're a Golden Latte expert and have them on the daily, or you're waiting for the perfect opportunity to try one for the first time - this is your moment!

This is a tried and tested Bircher Bar favourite, receiving nothing less than 5-Star reviews in our online store and finding itself stocked in numerous cafes and health food stores Australia-wide!

Far from being just a 'hot new trend', golden milk / turmeric latte (traditionally called Haldi Doodh) has been used in Ayurvedic culture for approximately 4000 years as a restorative beverage, curing countless ailments.

The major active ingredient providing the majority of the health benefits is called 'curcumin', found in the turmeric component of the mix.

It has been the subject of much scientific research (with over 10,000 peer reviewed studies) and has been shown to improve of and even cure illnesses from simple coughs and joint pain through to diabetes and cancer.

As for how to best use it - it's perfect as a straight up latte (find a simple recipe here) or just as good when sprinkled over your morning muesli, used in cooking or blended in with your smoothies and raw treats!

Again, you don't have to do anything special to qualify for a free pack - any order you place in November will come with a complimentary bag - we know you'll love it! :)

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Golden Latte Blend
Golden Latte Blend

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