A Massive Bircher Bar Giveaway!

Massive Bircher Bar Giveaway

It's been a long time coming but we are finally ready to launch our brand new Golden Latte Infused 'Goldenola' Granuesli!

A tonne of time and love has gone into this one and we are super pumped to get it up and going :)

To celebrate it's launch we've put together a huge giveaway including the very 1st 1KG bag of Goldenola ever produced, along with some of our favourite products from our favourite creators!


The Prize Pack is valued at an epic $315 and includes:

1x 1KG Bag of Goldenola ($18.95)

1x Aerobie Aeropress ($49.00)

1x Porlex Ceramic Burr Hand Grinder ($78.50)

1x Frank Green Pink/Purple 8oz Reuseable Cup ($32.95)

1x 100g Jar of SuperFeast Masons Mushroom Blend ($62.00)

1x 300g Amber Jar of Organic Mayde Green Sencha, Jasimine & Rose Tea ($39.00)

1x 250g Box of Byron Bay Coffee Company Organic Espresso Whole Bean ($13.00)

1x 180ml Bottle of Hilbilby Fire Tonic ($22.00)


The competition runs for 2 weeks and ends at 9am on the 25/04/2019 at which point our Goldenola will become live in the online store and available for purchase!

Click here to head over and enter.

All you need to do is enter your email and then work through the action list to get as many entries as you can.

Thanks so much for participating and helping us spread the word.

Good luck!

Note: Competition is open to Australian Residents only.

The Bircher Bar's Golden Latte Infused 'Goldenola'
The Bircher Bar's Golden Latte Infused 'Goldenola'

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