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6 Proven Ways to Burn Fat Naturally

how to burn fat

To restate what everyone knows, losing weight is not nearly as easy as putting it on. However, there is no reason to push the panic button, weight loss is generally a simple process of ‘fewer calories in than are going out’. There are also a number of great natural options that can help your metabolism burn fat quicker and easier, being a great aid to your weight loss journey. They won’t serve to burn up all your excess fat on their own but can help speed up your weight loss and supplement your overall health as you shed the kilos.

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is synonymous with coffee in everyday life, but it is also present in many other ingredients such as cocoa beans and green tea. The well-documented fat burning characteristics of caffeine is the reason behind why it is a common part of numerous weight loss supplements.

Caffeine serves to boost body's metabolism and help facilitate the fat-burning process. In fact, as research shows, caffeine can increase metabolism rates by as much as 16% for one to two hours after use. Additionally, studies have also found that caffeine makes the body use more fat as fuel for its required energy.

caffeine for weight loss

2. Green Tea

Another food, or rather a beverage which should be on the top of your list as a means to burn fats is green tea.

Rather than consuming each of the food items mentioned in this post, there are some great supplements you can also try which contain many of the food ingredients that result in its fat-burning effects. Click this post for a review of a such a fat burner called Nutraleaf which contains green tea in plenty.

Besides its use in burning fat, green tea comes with a host of other health benefits too. Studies indicate that 3-4 cups of green tea daily can help burn 80 calories without the need for a single exercise.

green tea for fat loss

3. Eat Fatty Fish

Not only does fatty fish taste great, but it is incredibly healthy as well. Oily fish like herring, salmon, and sardines amongst others are rich in substances like omega-3 fatty acids which confer a vast number of health benefits, such as reducing the risk of developing heart disease and reducing inflammation.

Besides all this, such fatty acids can also help you get rid of fat. Furthermore, fish is rich in high-quality proteins that help in feeling fuller for longer and help to increase the body’s metabolic rate significantly.

fish oil for fat loss

4. Chamomile

Chamomile has a number of properties that help the body burn fat. It has several constituents such as flavonoids, essential amino acids, hydroxy coumarin and azulene which all contribute to the process of speeding up the body’s metabolism.

A simple and delicious chamomile tea before breakfast is a great way to stimulate the bodies digestive enzymes and metabolism before your first meal of the day.

chamomile tea for fat loss
Photographer: Nia Ramirez | Source: Unsplash

5. Sleep More

Adequate sleep is nothing short of essential when it comes to burning fat and maintaining a healthy weight.

Many studies have shown the necessity of high-quality sleep with fat reduction. One exhaustive study of more than 68 thousand women found that the people who had 5 or fewer hours of sleep for over 16 years were more vulnerable to putting on weight than the group that had 7 or more hours of daily sleep on average. As per another study, good sleep consistent of over 7 hours boosted the success rate of weight loss programs by over 33%.

sleep for fat loss

6. Peppermint

Peppermint is a very well-known and delicious herb that is known for stimulating the bodies digestive enzymes. It helps to hasten the process of burning stored fats and is delicious and easy to take - with some peppermint leaves, hot water and lemon making for a delicious tea.

The research is still fairly limited regarding peppermint for weight loss but with many other indicated health benefits such as breath-freshening and soothing an upset stomach - it’s one of my favourite go-to herbs.

The last thing to mention is that losing your excess fat is a time-consuming process. Don’t look for a quick fix and give the process a few months. You need to remain right on track with your new healthy foods and lifestyle. Stay consistent - it will work!

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