4 Reasons to Never Skip Breakfast

If you haven't landed here before - welcome to The Bircher Bar blog - Musings & Muesli! Starting out as a mobile, market-based breakfast bar, we've quickly progressed into a bustling cafe with a gourmet pantry section to boot! We are dedicated to sourcing and producing healthy, natural and artisan foods, and are particularly mad about breakfast. If you’re still a fence-sitter when it comes to starting your day with a healthy and nutritious brekky or just want to reaffirm that you're on the right track, read on!
  1. Your brain needs fuel. It’s simple, really. Breakfast = breaking the fast. When you sleep, your body is gradually breaking down all of the fuel reserves you built up from your meals the day before. Come morning time, that’s all gone and you’re officially running on empty. If you head off to work and try to get things done with no carbohydrates fuelling your brain or vitamins getting your blood buzzing, you’re just not going to perform to the best of your ability. Eat breakfast and you’re bound to think more clearly.
  2. You could pack on the pounds. It may seem counter-intuitive that skipping a meal will make you gain weight, but trust us, it’s true. Going without breakfast leaves you feeling more peckish later in the day, making you vulnerable to the call of the office biscuit tin. A filling, healthy meal like muesli with rich creamy yoghurt will leave you feeling satisfied until lunchtime, making you slimmer in the long run.
  3. You need to get those nutrients in. The health-conscious among us all know that a healthy balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients is essential to a long and happy life. Have you ever considered how tricky it must be to pack all of those body-loving nutrients into a measly two meals a day? Eating breakfast gets your day off to a positive start nutritionally, helping you boost your protein intake and increasing the amount of vitamins in your diet. It’s all about choosing the right recipes and making good choices to start the day off well.
  4. Time is no biggie. If you ask most serial breakfast-skippers why they can’t make time for this majorly important meal, they usually give the usual excuse: ‘I just don’t have time.’ We get that – waking up earlier doesn’t sound like our idea of fun, either, and many of us live hectic lives that make it difficult to sit down to a solid meal before work.

    However, there are simple, delicious and nutritious meals that take absolutely no time to prepare and are easy to eat on the go. Smoothie ingredients can easily be prepped the night before and whizzed in the blender to take with you on the road. Overnight oats and bircher muesli are another awesome solution for busy-bees who want to get their vitamins in but don’t have time to cook a full breakfast before they head out. Try them out tomorrow and, we promise, you’ll be an instant convert to the breakfast way of life.


Photo courtesy of the_wholesome_nutritionist - Instagram

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