Gourmet Chocolate


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At The Bircher Bar, we offer a mouth-watering assortment of artisan chocolates made from natural ingredients you will love. Through our range of healthy and delicious food items, we aim to help people live their happiest and healthiest lives. With organic, gluten free, fair trade, soy free and vegan options available, we're sure there is a flavour here for everyone!

A huge range of flavours to choose from

Whether you’re looking to buy fair trade, organic or simply want something deliciously gourmet, our exceptional range of chocolates are sure to tickle your fancy. Although the brands and flavours are varied, all of our options are made from high quality ingredients that aim to be sustainable and eco-friendly where possible. From unique flavours such as quinoa and cranberry to organic caramelised almond and organic coconut dark chocolate, take your pick from our luxurious range of creamy, flavoursome options. Or if you’re after something less common, order organic chocolate from Peru, Ecuador or the Dominican Republic and have it delivered straight to your door anywhere in Australia.

From gourmet chocolate to artisan sauces, we have it all

Along with our selection of gourmet chocolates, we are proud to offer our valued customers an assortment of artisan food items made from natural ingredients. Take your pick from our range of jams, preserves and sauces or get your caffeine fix from one of our organic teas and coffees. For the people who are looking to make healthier choices whilst still enjoying each sip and every bite, our products provide the best combination of wholesome ingredients and tasty flavours.

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Order one of our chocolates today to enjoy fast shipping anywhere in Australia. While you’re there, make sure you take a look at our selection of incredible food and eco-friendly products.