Organic Green Sencha, Jasmine & Rose Tea-Teas-Mayde-The Bircher Bar
Organic Green Sencha, Jasmine & Rose Tea-Teas-Mayde-The Bircher Bar

Organic Green Sencha, Jasmine & Rose Tea


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An antioxidant rich, energising blend. Green tea is known to benefit cardiovascular health and assist in weight management. The combination of green tea and rose has been found to improve the immune system and promote health in countless ways.
 Ingredients: Green Tea Sencha , Jasmine Flowers, Rose Petals
120 Serves Per Jar

Therapeutic benefits:

Sencha Green tea (Camellia sinensis) has higher therapeutic properties than black tea. Green tea acts as a nervous system stimulant and thus has been effective in the treatment for fatigue and headaches. The active compounds in green tea also have an inflammatory modulating activity. Sencha is known to improve heart health by having a tonifying affect; and potentially decreasing the risk of arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular conditions. Sencha contains a significant amount of  catechins, which are a known potent antioxidant. Catechins fight and prevent cell damage.

Jasmine (Jasminum) has been found to strengthen the immune system by fighting bacteria-causing infections. Jasmine flowers may soothe the throat and reduce other symptoms caused by viruses such as the common cold.

Rose (Rosa)  is fragrant, fruity and packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. This means it scavenges free radicals that cause cellular damage. Rose adds a beautiful but subtle floral flavour.

Although completely natural, green tea is a stimulant, so it is not recommended to mix with any other stimulants, consume before bed or consume in large amounts if you have a highly reactive nervous system.


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