The Little Guy Espresso Maker-Coffee Brewing Equipment-The Little Guy-The Bircher Bar
The Little Guy Espresso Maker-Coffee Brewing Equipment-The Little Guy-The Bircher Bar
The Little Guy Espresso Maker-Coffee Brewing Equipment-The Little Guy-The Bircher Bar
The Little Guy Espresso Maker-Coffee Brewing Equipment-The Little Guy-The Bircher Bar
The Little Guy Espresso Maker-Coffee Brewing Equipment-The Little Guy-The Bircher Bar

The Little Guy Espresso Maker

The Little Guy

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The Little Guy (formerly known as The Otto Espresso) is the ideal espresso system for home users who want professional quality coffee that is simple to prepare and tastes delicious. The Little Guy extracts cafe-quality espresso shots and textures milk perfectly. The Home Barista Kit comes packaged in a beautifully presented carry case with all you need to start brewing immediately. Included in the package is an instructional DVD and a Quick Start Guide to help you achieve espresso perfection!


What's Included?:

- The Little Guy stainless steel espresso system
- Group handle
- Professional espresso basket
- Supermarket espresso basket
- Stainless steel coffee jug
- Nylon coffee tamper
- Silicone mat
- Quick Start Guide
- Instruction Manual


The Little Guy can work on a narrow gas flame, requiring the heat source to be focused on the centre of the boiler. Electric stovetops can also work given the full coverage of heat over the boiler base. However it is highly recommended you use the Little Guy Induction Top for the best possible heat source. It offers the most efficient and accurate drive for the boiler due to the custom technology that has been designed to work in conjunction with The Little Guy's solid 304 grade stainless steel boiler.


Main Features:

Pro-Approved Espresso — Pulls espresso double shots capable of impressing esteemed and awarded coffee professionals.

Pro-Level Latte Art — Endorsed by Scottie Callaghan, the World Latte Art Champion in 2006.

Compact + Portable — Small enough to take with you across the street, across the country, or across the world. Includes a travel case.

Easy To Clean — Simple build makes cleanup quick and easy.

Durable Construction — Stainless steel body and lack of wires or moving parts makes this espresso maker one that can last for a lifetime.

All The Accessories — Includes all the essential espresso-specific accessories you need to start pulling shots right out of the box.



 Basic The Little Guy Instructions:

  • Fill the boiler with water and turn up the heat
  • Add 24g of espresso grounds to the portafilter and attach
  • After 8 minutes, the water will boil and the espresso will extract
  • When the shot’s complete, clean the portafilter and enjoy


And for the complete Little Guy espresso experience, we recommend also adding:


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You can also download the The Little Guy Product Manual or Brochure.


'This is a serious bit of gear. The espresso shots are excellent and there’s loads of steam pressure for texturing milk.'

Scottie Callaghan
World Latte Art Champion 2006
Australian Barista Champion 2007 & 2010
World Barista Championships 2010, 3rd place


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Read below for the complete Little Guy story!

In 2005 in Sydney, Australia, Craig Hiron looked at his iconic stovetop espresso maker and wondered if it could be re-engineered internally so it'd pull genuine espresso shots and texture milk perfectly. Craig's passion for espresso coffee demanded both the shots and the milk texture had to be to the standards of the best cafes in the world.

The Little Guy is an homage to Giordano Robiatti's design classic, originally patented in Milan in 1947. * 

Award-winning industrial designers,Tiller Design were engaged along with Dr Allan Wallace (a professor of thermal dynamics), mechanical specialists, engineers and a manufacturing agent, Doug Marshall. After four years of research, development, design, tooling and production, the Otto Espresso Maker became a reality.

Hear a comprehensive interview with Craig on the development process of the Little Guy.

In 2013 Otto espresso was rebranded as the Little Guy. The rebranding was purely a trademark change. The company ownership, our people and our highly functioning products remain exactly as they've always been.

Our design and build philosophy is simple. We produce products that are the best they can possibly be, with our costs and timelines being secondary to your experience. We make products people who love coffee, food, wine & design. People who happily invest in the integrity of products made perfectly.