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Vegan + Raw Hot Cross Buns! - [RECIPE]

Easter is upon us!

I don't know what it means for you, but Easter for me is all about good food, fun times and long weekends with friends and family.

Once upon a time it also meant eating cheap chocolate and white-bread hot cross buns until I fell over...glad those days are behind me.

Not one to miss out on all the fun and festivities though, I took some inspiration from the brilliant Emily at This Rawsome Vegan Life and put together a Bircher Bar variation of their Raw Vegan Hot Cross Buns!

We've adapted the recipe to add some Bircher Bar flavour to the mix but decided to use Emily's images because they are just too good not to! 👌 We've also used our beetroot latte mix in place of some of the other spices so our version comes our a brilliant velvet/pink colour and tastes incredible!

Now before you rush off and start buttering up the baking tray you must note that these are as far from a traditional hot cross bun as you can get - they are more along the lines of an amazing bliss ball!

If you're ready to bring something different to the Easter table - turn the oven off, get out the food processor and give these a go! 😊


Raw Vegan Hot Cross Buns:


For the Buns:

1 cup almonds
1 cup oats (GF oats if you want a Gluten Free Recipe!)
1 cup dates
1 cup raisins
Water, as needed
For the 'Frosting':
½ cup cashews
2 tablespoons coconut oil
Juice from 1 lemon
Water, as needed
To make the buns:
Put the almonds and oats in a food processor and process until they become a rough flour.
Add the rest of the ingredients – except the raisins – and add water as needed until it all begins to stick together. Taste and adjust accordingly. Add the raisins in by hand and mix well.
Roll into balls and press them down slightly. Cut a cross on the top of each one.
To make the 'Frosting':
Add all the ingredients to the processor and blend until smooth, adding water as needed to get the desired consistency. Drizzle over the crosses on the buns.
Done! So simple, tasty and way healthier than most things that pass across the Easter table (as long as you don't eat them all at once).
Hot Cross Buns

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