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Cordyceps Coffee

Mushroom Coffee!


This weeks featured product is the amazing Cordyceps CS-4 Medicinal Mushrooms from the legends over at SuperFeast!
This rare medicinal mushroom is considered a life-enhancing herb and has been used throughout China for centuries. It is said that local herdsmen of the Himalayan Mountains discovered this fungi after noticing the odd enthusiasm of their yaks while grazing on these Mushrooms.
But what exactly is this mysterious fungi? Cordyceps as found in nature is a genus of parasitic fungi that grows on the larvae of insects. The fungi attacks the host, replaces its tissue and sprouts long stems that grow from the hosts body...crazy right!?


 SuperFeast Cordyceps are not harvested from insect hosts, but are instead of the cultivated 'CS-4' strain - making them entirely vegan as well as making them medicinally superior to the wild harvested variety and increasing the energy, stamina and endurance benefits (#1)

There are over 400 species of Cordyceps Mushroom but only two (Cordyceps sinensis & Cordyceps militaris) have become the main focus for their health benefits.
Cordyceps Mushrooms
The incredible health benefits of this amazing fungi are huge, including: (#2)
  • Increased energy, stamina & libido
  • Supports kidney, heart, liver, adrenal & lung function
  • Building and maintaining a healthy immune system
  • Improved blood oxygenation & recovery.
  • Remarkable anti-aging properties
These are used extensively in professional athletic circles as they are known as powerful aids for performance and recovery.
We found that the optimum dosage starting out was ¼-1/2 a teaspoon daily and build up to 1 full teaspoon if desired. It can be infused into your morning tea or coffee, used in a smoothie or even sprinkled over meals. However, with any supplements, if pregnant or breastfeeding please consult with your healthcare provider before adding these herbs to your diet.


Click here or the image below to head to the website and check them out!


Cordyceps Mushroom Bliss Balls

Mushroom Bliss Balls

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