Product of The Week - The Bircher Bar: Infused Honey

Bircher Bar Infused Honeys

Introducing this weeks featured product(s) -  The Bircher Bar Infused Honey range.


Raw Chai Infused HoneyOrganic Raw Cacao Infused HoneyEspresso Infused Honey


Freshly launched only a couple of weeks ago - we are incredibly excited to have them out in the world as they are some of the first products of their kind available in Australia!


It all begins with sourcing the highest quality Raw Australian Bush Honey from the local Byron hinterland. This honey is completely untreated, unheated and unprocessed, giving it amazing flavour & natural aroma along with natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes & prebiotic properties.


Building on this amazing honey, we've spent day after day perfecting the ratios to develop a series of amazing flavour infusions!
The Espresso Infused Honey has been infused with the multi award-winning dark roast espresso beans from The Byron Bay Coffee Company. Adding rich flavour and aroma, this is a beautiful honey for coffee lovers and works beautifully with morning tea cakes and other coffee snacks!


Next up is the Raw Cacao Infused Honey. Infused with true Peruvian organic raw cacao nibs, this add a subtle chocolate flavour to the honey - perfect for baking and adding to smoothies! 


Last but not least, the house favourite - Raw Chai Infused Honey. Infused with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise & cardamom, this is a beautiful masala blend adding an authentic and rich chai flavour. Beautifully versatile and particularly well matched with a warm tea! 


A beautiful spin on an already amazing honey, grab yourself a jar and try them out for yourself!


Infused Honey



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