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Five From The Bar - New Products, Some Great People & Why Robots Won't Be Stealing Your Job!

Five From The Bar
Welcome to 'Five From The Bar!'


In an internet universe full of long-winded and frankly boring content, this is designed to be an invigorating and refreshing 5-minute read!


We aim to put together a quick list of ever-changing, informative, fun and inspiring content to keep you interested, smiling and motivated!


We hope you find something that lights you up - read on below and let us know what you think in the comments!




Quote of the Day:

"“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein (German-born theoretical physicist)

Anything worth doing requires an element of risk - don't fear making mistakes, they are always the best teachers!


Good for a Laugh:

The concept of robots and artificial intelligence replacing the human workforce is most definitely a reality - but they still have a ways to go 😂

This guy won't be bagging any Bircher Bar muesli.


Great People doing Great Things:

For our first shout out to some great people, we can't look past the amazing work being done by the Umoja Children's Orphanage!

These guys have been operating the project as a non-profit for over 7 years - successfully opening the children's orphanage in July 2016. 

Apart from providing refuge, health-care and education for many displaced local children, they are also creating and delivering employment, training and sustainable food systems to the local community!

We are proud to have Umoja as our partner charity, with $1 from every online order placed by you guys donated to their cause 😊


Innovation Station:

Hard to scroll past this one - an all-electric scooter made from hemp fibre! Ticking some major boxes for low impact transport solutions and coming straight outta Amsterdam - who'd of thought? - Check it out here


New Products at The Bircher Bar!:

Last but definitely not least, we have 2 new products in our online store this fortnight:

1.) The Bircher Bar Chai Latte Blend is now live on the online store! 😊 We think it's a brilliant modern take on a traditional Masala blend and are stoked to have this one now making it's way to Chai lovers around the country - you can check it out here.

We've also put together a quick blog on the origins of Chai, features of our blend in particular and how you can make a beautiful and warming cup at home - read all about it in the recipes section of our site here


2.) The Stone White Shallow Bowl from Brooke Clunie Hand Made Pottery.

As with everything Brooke does, this is an exquisite and unique hand made piece crafted to the highest quality standard. 

We don't have a great deal in stock and may not have them again as we are making way for an exclusive Brooke Clunie Bircher Bar range which we couldn't be more excited about! 🕺

If you'd like to grab one, you can find them here



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Darcy & The Bircher Team! 😊



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