What Even Is A Beetroot Latte!?

Beetroot Latte

You may have heard of it, you may not have, but beetroot lattes are definitely on the Australian-cafe menu!


I remember I tried my first beetroot latte some time ago in one of the trendy Byron cafes, feeling adventurous at the time but half-expecting some kind frothy vegetable soup.

As it landed on the table I was relieved find no parsley garnish or a spoon to eat it with.

It was very pretty on the eye and like nothing I had ever tasted before - the flavour wasn't offensive, but was a bit overpowering and lacked balance. 

Beetroot has always been a bit of a dietary staple of mine so I knew it was tasty and loaded with health benefits - it deserved another chance! 

I set to work with my Bircher Bar crew, mixing and matching the best powders we could source - looking for that perfect balance of flavour and ingredients that work wonders on your body.

It's definitely taken some tweaking and refining but we couldn't be happier with the end result! The feedback is consistently great - we actually now struggle to meet demand as our customers and stockists keep requesting it!


Why Drink A Beetroot Latte?

When prepared correctly -  the flavour profile our our spiced beetroot mix is full of bold & earthy beetroot flavour, slightly spicy and finishes perfectly with a fragrant natural cardamom and vanilla sweetness. 

We have easy to follow instructions on the pack but always recommend mixing with a high-quality coconut milk and a dash of honey, maple or rice malt if you like it a bit sweeter - so good!


Furthermore, the health benefits are huge! :


And If you can't quite see yourself sipping a beetroot latte yet, it also makes the perfect addition to dessert baking or using in your morning smoothie or smoothie bowls!

Spiced Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

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Darcy :)


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