Organic & Sustainable Foods - Why You Should Be Buying Them!!

The rise of organic food over the last few years has completely changed how we perceive the food on our plates. People enjoy their produce more when they can safely purchase it, knowing that it is both the healthy and ethical choice. This post looks to look at the inherent gains that organic farming has for us and our planet.


Less Pesticides and Chemicals

The environmental impact of pesticides and chemicals used to treat crops is huge, and for a number of reasons. Pesticides boosts the disease resistance in plants, weeds, fungi and bacteria, which makes it harder to keep them in check down the road. The chemicals that are used to spray plants can actually contaminate the soil, air and water supply - and they can remain in that area for decades or more. Worst still, the synthetic chemicals directly discourage the use of smart farming practices, such as crop rotation, which can lead to soil erosion and desertification over time.


If every farmer in Australia converted their farm production to organic, it is estimated that hundreds of millions of kilograms of harmful pesticides could be removed from our environment each year.


Cultivator of Healthier Soil

In order to harvest a healthy crop, you have to start with the basics - healthy soil. If the soil used is riddled with pesticides or chemicals, then you put yourself in a situation where your topsoil will become too unhealthy to thrive without chemical assistance. Natural cultivation standards for soil are a much better option than chemical soil management for this very reason. Organic farming is a surefire way to build up the vital organic matter used to cultivate healthy soil.


Other soil troubles, such as erosion and desertification, are remedied with the use of organic farming. Studies have shown time and again that chemically treated soils have much less topsoil than their organic counterparts. More to the point, organic soil has been shown to have about one-third of the erosion loss suffered by chemically treated soils.


A More Bountiful Biodiversity

When we look at the overall health of an area on our planet, one of the biggest indicators of good land is lots of biodiversity. In fact, the more biodiverse an area, the more stable and thriving the surrounding wildlife is. This is also true for farms, as a more biodiverse farm can harmonize with itself and ultimately become more stable. Organic farms encourage this type of cultivation, which plays a huge role in the overall resilience of the crops will be to disease, pests and poor weather.


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