Why We Won't Be Slashing Prices this Black Friday...

If you happen to walk past any major retailer this time of year, you'll no doubt notice all the hullabaloo about their 'Black Friday' sales - but there's a bit more to it than just picking up a quick bargain.

Black Friday in modern times refers to the day after Thanksgiving when retailers 'go into the black' as customers take advantage of the hugely discounted holiday sales. It is typically a time of the year where the focus is taken from small business by the much larger retailers, aiming huge sales of mass-produced goods at consumers that are often already in large amounts of debt. (1)

Furthermore, If you take the history of the day back to it's origins though, you'll find it steeped in dark and disturbing themes - including huge scale Wall Street conspiracy, labour exploitation as well brawling and shoplifting. (2)

Despite being an obviously American tradition, Black Friday is well and truly now rooted in Australian retail culture too, with manic and frenzied shopping scenes expected across the country this coming Friday.

As a small business, we thrive on great customer relationships and pride ourselves on developing great value in our offering, this is why you won't find us bottoming out our prices for a quick one-off Black Friday sale. 

We love to provide discounts where possible and give back to our customers, but we believe in doing so for a better reason than promoting rampant and unnecessary consumerism.

If you have the means and would like to drop by our online store and purchase any of our artisan breakfast supplies this coming Friday, by all means, please do, but you won't find any flashy ad banners or massive price cuts. Do so knowing that you'll be buying a premium quality product, priced appropriately to support a small handful of people that are passionate about what they do 😊

The Bircher Bar Artisan Breakfast Supplies

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