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News: Happy New (Financial) Year! Exciting times ahead...

For anyone who owns a business or works for themselves, the new financial year can be a pretty exciting time!...for everyone else, it's just July. 

Personally, as I sit here in The Bircher Bar typing this out and thinking about everything we have planned for the next few months - I'm super excited!

Much like the more traditional New Years - it's really only the change of a date but it undoubtedly brings a feeling of opportunity and fresh beginning to a situation.

It's important to make the most of these moments when they present - momentum builds momentum so if you're feeling inspired for any reason, grab it and run with it! 

As a small team we have pretty lofty goals for this month let alone the next few, and to let you in on it and put us right in the accountability pressure cooker, I've listed them below:

  • Launch our long awaited range of Infused Raw Honey, bringing some amazing flavours, aromas and health-benefits to the already incredible coastal honey we supply.
  • Kick off our collaboration with New Superfood Co. by launching Australia's first and only Golden ACV! 
  • Add a number of exclusive Brooke Clunie hand-made pottery pieces to the online store

Goal setting is critical to getting where you want to be, but just as important is reviewing and celebrating the wins that have got you to where you are right now! For us, some of the big wins in the last few months look  like:

  • Picking up dozens of amazing new stockists all over the country!
  • Exhibiting at the brilliant Naturally Good expo in Sydney
  • Delivering package after package of Bircher Bar boxes to happy customers Australia wide!  


Whether you're a business owner or not, there's no harm in using the mid-year mark as an opportunity to review some of your awesome past achievements (and learn from a few losses) while refocusing a few goals for the future to make sure you're on track! Make yourself accountable to a few friends and get after it!


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