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New Products & Winter Favourites!

New Products & Winter Favourites!
Between bagging, tagging and shipping out huge amounts of Bircher Bar muesli and specialty latte blends this month, we've also managed to launch a couple of amazing new products from our awesome suppliers to the online store!
We're stoked to be working with and supporting such a tight group of incredible creators, furthering the cause of healthy living and building a thriving small business community!
We've put a mix of products below for you that are brand newies as well as some proven winter favourites, designed to keep your immune system charging and your belly happy while the cold still sticks around!
Click any of the images to head over to the website, chuck in the code ICEICEBABY to save yourself 15% on the entire order! (valid until the end of the weekend - 23/07/2018 ).

Superfeast Neural NectarSuperFeast Neural Nectar - Brain Nootropic

100g - $61 ($51.85 after 15% discount!)

This brain-enhancing super-blend of nootropic herbs boosts memory function and cultivates mental energy, sharpness and vitality.

Taoist herbalists have worked with these potent herbs for thousands of years to maintain a healthy brain, balance mood swings and ward-off neuro-degeneration.


  • Brain circulation
  • Cognitive health
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Nerve health
  • Adaptation to stress

Ingredients: Semi-wild mucuna, semi-wild ginkgo biloba, semi-wild lion’s mane, semi-wild white peony and wild rhodiola* extract powders.


Mayde Tea Organic Mint CacaoMayde Tea - Organic Mint Cacao Blend

120 Serves - $39 ($33.15 after 15% discount)

A balanced choc-mint treat. The endless digestive benefits of peppermint combine with the antioxidant and mineral rich raw cacao. A great post-meal digestive aid.


Original Coconut BowlOriginal Coconut Bowl

$12.50 ea ($10.60 after 15% discount!)

The perfect environmentally friendly addition to your kitchen - the original coconut bowl is a beautiful and sustainable piece that you'll fall in love with!

Made from real coconut husks and completely smoothed inside and out, they are ready for anything from smoothie bowls to salads to stir-fry's ... the list is endless!

Nothing artificial is used in the coconut bowl - they are simply collected, cut, sanded, cleaned and finally finished with an organic coconut oil polish.

Hilbilby Fire Tonic TrifectaHilbilby Fire Tonic Trifecta

3x100ml - $69 ($58.65 after 15% discount!)

Our Hilbilby Fire Tonic Trifecta is a collection of each of the popular Hilbilby Fire Tonics including the Original, Black Label and Vegan.  
Hand-made from an adapted & age-old Gypsy recipe, Fire Tonic is a raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar tincture that is a perfect way to kick start everyday and keep on top of whatever ails you.

The Bircher Bar Golden Latte MixThe Bircher Bar - Golden Latte Blend

70g - $12.50 ($10.60 after 15% discount!)

The quintessential winter immune tonic! Packed with endless anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and adaptogenic properties, this is one to have in your coner at all times!


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