Making the Modern Coffee: Essential Equipment for 2017

Making the Modern Coffee: Essential Equipment for 2017
The art and appreciation of coffee has rarely been more celebrated and refined than it is today, and Australians are at the forefront of this renaissance. With our embrace of café culture comes the maturing of the palette, and the standards of habitual coffee drinkers are higher even when at work, at home, or on the go: we turn up our nose at dry instant and are constantly in pursuit of that boutique café taste.
Fortunately, the world’s innovators, engineers, and product designers are also coffee drinkers. We are seeing a wave of new products spring up from small inventors and entrepreneurs at home and abroad which can make so-called “designer” coffee accessible to aficionados any time they want. At The Bircher Bar we are devoted followers of this coffee-hacking scene, and we’ve picked out a mix of the most popular tools from start-up designers and esteemed brand names alike to give you the Great Coffee Starter Kit for 2017:
Step 1: The Porlex Portable Hand Grinder
One of the elementary steps towards drinking better coffee is to grind your own beans as you need them; nothing beats fresh grinds. This means having a portable, quality grinder in your coffee kit, and the Japanese-made Porlex is the perfect option. With an attractive and durable stainless steel housing and adjustable ceramic burrs - it stays sharper for longer and is super easy to clean!  Check out the Porlex Grinder here - a great start for any dedicated coffee drinker.
Step 2: The Aeropress and Able Brewing Disk
There are many coffee brewing devices on the market and as many styles of brewing – but how many such devices can say they started a global movement? Invented by a career espresso drinker to brew a fast, portable, tasty shot using a simple, no-moving-parts design, nonstop global experimentation has produced an entire subculture of Aeropress brewers who cook up accessories, modifications and recipes on how to brew many more coffee drinks with this fabulous little device.
Some things are just a fantastic buy right off the bat, but the Aeropress gets even better with the addition of an Able Disk. Correcting one of the few weaknesses of the original design – the demand for disposable paper filters – this stainless steel disk allows you to make perfect, sustainable Aeropress coffees forever without the hassle and waste of paper. Find the both the Aeropress and Able Disk here!
Step 3: The Frank Green Smart Keep-Cup
Many modern coffee drinkers, highly aware of what they drink and where it comes from, are also committed to the principles of fair trade, sustainability and supporting ethical business practices. The global trend of keep cups – reusable coffee cups that can be filled up by baristas – combines those social concerns with the thrill of self-expression and the convenience of a waste-free coffee. Frank Green’s Smart Cup won the 2015 Good Design award for its sleek looks, Café Pay cashless payment integration and wholly-sustainable Australian manufacture. Check them out here!
Step 4: Coffee!
With the products above you’re already set to create amazing artisanal coffee, but you can still make a great choice for the beans themselves – we recommend the local brilliance of Byron Bay Coffee Company, who produce a range capable of making any connoisseur weep with joy.

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