Keeping it Sustainable!


It’s no secret that our planet has many major global threats that must be dealt with effectively in order to ensure the survival of humans and other species. As humans and custodians of the planet, it is our responsibility to be aware of these issues and respond to them in a timely manner. 

Below we have explored a few of the most major threats to our environment present in the world today.


  1. Pollution and Climate Change

As the atmosphere and oceans around us begin to overload with carbon and other pollutants we are noticing a range of various climate disruption worldwide. These effects are presenting themselves in the modern world and increasing at an alarming rate and includes problems such as average temperatures changing all over the world, polar ice caps melting and sea levels rising. 


  1. Extinction of Animal Species

It's not only humans that suffer from our polluting ways, the list of endangered species also continues to grow. Wild animals are being hunted to extinction on the land, while industrial fishing is causing the evaporation of entire fish populations in the sea. As humans destroy animal habitats for resource exploitation, ecosystems are often destroyed and many animals lose their homes and lives.


  1. Deforestation

Forests worldwide are being destroyed at a rapid rate, especially in the tropics where soybean & palm oil plantations are widespread and cattle ranching is undertaken on a giant scale. While the global demand for these industries remains high, if they continue taking the place of our vital rainforests we won't have a planet left to enjoy them on! 



While this blog just scratches the surface of some of the issues that relate to environmental degradation, here at The Bircher Bar we are constantly striving to do our part to help slow and address these problems. When creating our Artisan Muesli, Dukkahs and Specialty Latte Blends, we are proud to be using using recyclable and compostable packaging, sourcing our ingredients sustainably and operating in an ethical manner.

We also work hard to create partnerships with local producers as often as possible - some of these wonderful products include Mayfields Relishes, Byron Bay Coffee Company Products or the amazing Homestead & Co Reuseable Beeswax Wraps

Act locally, think globally!



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