Keep it spicy for a healthy life!

Adding a Little Health to Your Dish

The medical, nutritional and scientific communities are slowly coming to a consensus: what we eat has an incredible and far-reaching effect on our health. It seems to determine everything from our internal biome of bacteria to our current and future moods, memory, and allergies.

With this in mind, nobody should be taking their diet choices lightly, and any chance you have to easily add some extra good stuff to your meals should be seized upon with two hungry hands. And what could be easier to add than spices? The Bircher Bar has been preaching the spicy gospel of late, with an incredible range of healthy spices from around the globe which can be tossed straight into your smoothies, lattes, soups, roasts, BBQs and any other meal!

Read on as we simply scratch the surface on some of the benefits of some of our super-powered ingredients and start composing your new spice rack as you go.


Potent anti-Inflammatory

A standby of eastern cooking and medicine for millennia, the anti-inflammatory power of turmeric has seen it be recommended as an all-purpose treatment for many painful and uncomfortable conditions. The health benefits of this potent spice have been tested and recognised, with the same chemical responsible for its distinctive colour (curcumin) being shown to affect inflammation both in topical and oral applications.

Take turmeric in your foods if you suffer persistent aches and pains, including digestive pains and bloating. Many of the most common gut health issues stem from an overabundance of inflammatory foods in the diet, and the turmeric will help combat this. Already used as a flavour or colour component in some dishes, you can also try an ancient recipe for “Golden Latte”, a delicious and warming brew combining turmeric with other healthy and tasty spices like cinnamon and ginger.


A treatment for liver disease

There are many pressures that modern living places on the liver. Being overweight, too much alcohol, too much sugar, and even an overabundance of certain nutrients such as Vitamin A can lead to cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) and impair the function of this vital organ.

Chemicals in the humble beet help to reverse the advance of liver disease, making it a tasty and useful additive to soups and smoothies. Beetroot powder (such as the spice mix available from The Bircher Bar) is actually a star all-round player when it comes to health; it is also a potent source of antioxidants and helps improve blood circulation by boosting our nitric oxide levels. You’ll feel a lot healthier with some in you!

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