How Shopping Online Can Benefit Everyone!

While the rise to prominence of e-commerce may have been seen as heralding the end of local businesses, it has turned out to have quite the opposite effect. Home delivery and web stores selling almost anything with little overheads have led to a resurgence of the little guys. Conscientious shoppers who are looking for small, artisanal brands to suit refined tastes are turning to these local specialist stores, like The Bircher Bar, to supply them. One of the best trends we’ve seen come out of the internet in years, this return to grass roots business benefits everyone: consumers, suppliers, the economy, and the environment. Here’s a few reasons why buying from small online retailers helps:



Okay, this one is a given; giving money to small businesses like The Bircher Bar helps us put food on our tables and keep growing our business. But after decades of hand-wringing over the death of small and family businesses and the growing monopolies enjoyed by giant corporate chains in many retail sectors, surely this can only be seen as a good thing! As local businesses we only have our customers interests at heart, not a bunch of shareholders, and increased profits directly improve our ability to deliver customers a great product instead of being lost in a labyrinthine corporate structure. People have always known that the best quality comes from small, dedicated merchants; those businesses are just more accessible now, online.


The Environment

A massive concern for many of our online shoppers, ethical consumption is a daily challenge for most people in the Western world. Despite the assurances from standards groups such as FairTrade and grassroots research into corporate practice, it remains difficult to guarantee the products you buy from any multinational conglomerate will not, in some way, be contributing to global environmental destruction.

But when you direct your money to small, local businesses, the paper trail is much shorter and more transparent; we have no subsidiaries or holding companies shuffling around shady interests behind your back. Also, we understand your commitment to environmentally conscious products – so we keep you informed of the ethical status of all our products.


The Economy

Yes, small online retailers are good for the economy. Not only are they growing much faster than the comparable brick-and-mortar sectors, but the increased choice, better prices and other appealing aspects of small e-retailers makes them more resilient in times of economic downturn. When you buy from local stores, you’re turning over money that we’ll spend right back, not tie up in investment funds; our investments are in promoting local brands, local suppliers, and our own grassroots community. You’re not just benefiting The Bircher Bar when you buy from us, but other family run businesses like Byron Bay Coffee Company, Ugly Duck Preserves, Detour En Provence Olives and Mayfields Relishes. Feel good about it!


You (The Consumer)

Yep! Buying from locally run online storefronts has a huge range of benefits, as you can see. But it’s important to not lose sight of the major advantage; you get delicious, artisanal quality products and incredible personal customer service, at a fair and competitive price. Search out your local retailers, online or otherwise, today, and enjoy the fruit of the modern shopping experience!

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