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Golden March - 30 Days of Golden Latte!


The Challenge:

‘30 Days of Golden Latte’ – One Bircher Bar Golden Latte every day for the month of March! The biggest and most exciting Bircher Bar competition yet!
The Rewards:

First and foremost – the main reward here is your health! This is a challenge designed to show you the incredible health benefits you can achieve with a daily Golden Latte.

The powerful adaptogenic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of the blend provide endless benefits to the body and mind, and with over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies, it's been shown to assist with such processes as:

  • Adrenal and hormone balancing
  • Organ detoxification
  • Increased memory and focus
  • Better skin - reducing redness and irritation
  • Inflammation reduction - helping with arthritis, joint pain & muscle stiffness
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased immune system
  • Balancing blood glucose levels
  • Fighting bacterial infection
  • Disruption of cancer cells and growth


Secondly – as a huge thanks for participating and that extra bump to get on board, we are giving away 3 amazing prizes to a total value of $500!

Prize 1 - An entire year’s supply of Bircher Bar Golden Latte – once you see what a month can do for you, a years supply will change your life! (Value $300)

Prize 2 – A Bircher Bar Gift Pack – containing a beautiful assortment or artisan goods and products – artisan muesli, jams, hot sauce, finishing salts, olive oils, vegan chocolate and more! (Value $120)

Prize 3 – A Bircher Bar Gift Voucher – redeemable for anything you like in our online store! (Value $80)


Thirdly – You’re going to need a bag of our Golden Latte Blend to participate and we want to help get it to you!

We are giving a huge 25% off our 250g Golden Latte Blend for anyone looking to join (this is our biggest discount ever!) - simply enter GOLDENMARCH at checkout with the 250g bag in your cart and watch the dollars drop away! (Click here to get yours)

(Note: discount applies to the 250g bag and is only valid until Wednesday 21/02/2018 as this is the last day we can ship it out to make sure it gets to you in time for the challenge!)


The Rules:

You must post a picture of your Bircher Bar Golden Latte on Instagram and tag The Bircher Bar (@the_bircher_bar) each day for the month of March to be eligible!

It can be in either your Instagram Story or Feed (or both!) but make sure you tag @the_bircher_bar for it to be recorded. We will be recording each day and at the end of the challenge everyone who participated will go into the prize draw!

We are participating too and will be re-posting the best pics from the challenge so get creative! If you want to mix it up and use it in smoothies, cooking, baking or otherwise – that’s perfectly fine too, the main goal is to make sure you’re getting a serve of golden goodness daily!

If you want to make a small and powerful change for your own health and win some amazing prizes to boot – come and join us on our ‘Golden March – 30 Days of Golden Latte!’ challenge! 😊

(Competition drawn on 01/04/2018 - open to Australian Residents only)


Golden Latte

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