All About That Gut - Round 2!

Continuing on the theme of our first gut health post this month, our latest blog below outlines a bit more about the fermentation process and why it is so good for you!


Fermented Foods: Why are they so good for you?

Fermented foods seem to be all the rage lately in the health and nutrition space, but what exactly are they? Also, why are they so good for you? There are many health benefits associated with fermented foods, including easing digestive problems, boosting your immune system and assisting with the management of many other health problems such as arthritis, chronic fatigue and more.


What is fermentation

A metabolic process, fermentation is where microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, etc) convert organic compounds like sugar or starch into alcohol or acids. This essentially preserves food, as well as add microbes or ‘good bacteria’ to the gut. When food is fermented it also increase the micro nutrients and make food more digestible.


Examples of fermented foods

Pickled vegetables – food such as dill pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi and other pickled vegetables can be fermented. This uses lactic acid fermentation, where sugars are converted into lactic acid.

Kombucha tea – this drink is served cold and made from sweetened black tea which is then fermented with yeast and bacteria. It has a sour taste and a very small amount of alcohol may remain.

Yoghurt – yoghurt has a sour taste as fermentation also results in the lactose sugar in milk to break down into lactic acid. Yoghurt is so good for your gut because live bacteria remain after this fermentation process.


Maintain a balanced diet

While it is obviously important to have a balanced diet and combine food with proper exercise to have a healthy lifestyle, incorporating some fermented foods in your diet contributes a great deal to your overall body function. 


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