5 Steps to Eating Healthier This Year

 Everyone knows that eating healthy is important, but actually changing your habits is a challenge that many find difficult. This post offers you some tips on how to transition into a well-balanced diet gradually to ensure that you actually stick to your new, healthy eating pattern.

Find Replacements for Sugar

Dropping the sweets and other sugary treats is usually one of the hardest things about adopting a healthy diet. You can ‘cheat’ and trick your body into new habits by not reducing the amount of delicious foods but replacing them. Opt for bitter chocolate, fruits and nuts for desserts and soon you’ll notice that the occasional craving for a doughnut is getting less frequent. Be sure to stop adding sugar to your drinks. It’s best to take both coffee and tea plain, but if you can’t adjust to this right away, replace the sweetener with honey.

Start Adding Healthy Ingredients to Every Dish

The change to your diet must be gradual, and it can start at the level of ingredients. For example, cauliflower is a healthier alternative to potatoes. Therefore, you can replace them, or at least make a mix of both the next time you are making mashed potatoes. You can also enrich almost every meal with superfoods, such as chia seeds or spirulina. This will allow you to improve your nutrition and discover new flavours and recipes.

Stop Eating Fried Foods

Steaming and roasting should become your new favourite cooking methods. Frying does not only reduce the nutritional value of any product, it saturates your foods with unhealthy fats. Any fried dish has a healthier alternative that you can try, and both steaming and roasting can enhance the natural flavour of the ingredient.

“Water Down” Your Drinks

People often forget how unhealthy alcohol is from the nutritional perspective. However, not drinking at all is a challenge for many, especially if you are a regular visitor at bars or must attend many parties for work. You can make these outings healthier (and actually safer) by drinking a glass of water after every glass of alcohol. This will keep you hydrated, which can reduce the symptoms of toxic poisoning (hangover) and reduce your intake of calories.

Make Your Own Lunch

Grabbing a pastry on the go or settling for some unhealthy takeout for lunch is one of the most common problems of busy modern people. Make it a habit to cook your own lunch so that you can put some good calories inside your body at work. This can be difficult at first, so start with doing it twice a week.

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