5 Benefits of Shopping Small & Local

We are a world of convenience, and nothing typifies that more than our supermarket, name-brand culture. However, there are a lot of reasons to look closer to home for your produce. Local foods have a lot of benefits that you might not have even considered, from price to quality. This blog post hopes to look at some of the biggest benefits of local produce.


Straight From the Source

When you purchase local produce, you are dealing directly with the source of that product. Buying from here means that the crops will be selected and picked when they are at their ripest. This contrasts the industry standard of retail stores, that often force harvests to be picked early to meet distribution deadlines. As a result of this difference in harvesting practices, your locally grown food is guaranteed to be fresh, full of flavour and perfectly ripened. If you are lucky enough to source your foods from a local market, the produce you buy is often harvested the day before - that really is as fresh as it gets!


Enjoy Seasonal Food

One of the best aspects of local food is how it reflects the seasons of where you live. This diversity provides a fantastic spread of flavours that you cannot replicate in a retail store. Better yet, because the crops are seasonal, you are always going to get the ripest and most flavourful stock.


Good for Your Community’s Economy

When you are purchasing food locally, you are injecting much-needed capital directly into your community. This, in turn, lets small businesses thrive and can improve the overall standing of the area as a result. This is the best way to reinvest in your local community’s businesses because it ultimately benefits your locality.


Local Food is Better for our Planet

Buying locally is actually beneficial to our environment, too. Being grown and produced within your locality means that it will not have to travel any great distance before it is used. Local food is also finer tuned to its surrounding community, so they can base their demands on the locals needs.


Learn how Your Food was Made

Many people have become disassociated with the food that they buy - local produce directly combats this. When you buy straight from the source, you can ask how the farmers and producers how they grew and made their food. Better yet, you can find out more about the food itself, and ultimately re-align yourself with what you are eating.

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