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3 of The Best Health Tonics for Inflammation, Digestion & Brain Activity

Hey Legends! This month we've been fortunate enough to put together a guest blog for the wonderful folks at Tenterfield Health! We've gone in deep on a few of our favourite health tonics for inflammation, digestion and brain activity (among many other benefits too!). Read on below to check it out!


Staying healthy is a fine balance of many different things from eating well & exercising regularly through to getting enough sleep and lowering those stress levels.

In today's fast-paced world where people are often burnt-out and run-down, everyone is always on the look out for that quick health fix but there is no 'magic pill' or special potion for endless health & vitality!.

Like anything else in life, cultivating good health and wellness relies on small consistent choices over a long period of time. Food is arguably the most important factor in maintaining good health, but as I'm sure you know, not all food is created equal!

Eating a balanced diet of fresh and unprocessed ingredients is essential but beyond this, it's also incredibly important to make sure you're adding products that help boost your immunity, reduce inflammation, aid food digestion and boost brain health at the same time!

Unfortunately modern agriculture has left a lot of our food nutrient-depleted so it's more important than ever to make sure you're giving your body everything it needs to fire on all cylinders! 

The products we have put below are 'tried-and-tested' favourites from us and our wonderful suppliers, perfect to give your body that daily boost needed to optimise your health and ward away illness!

They've been listed based on their best known health benefit but many of the ingredients in these blends are 'adaptogens' - meaning they work with your body to improve and aid countless other processes!

Golden Latte Mix 

1.) Inflammation - Golden Latte Mix

Golden Turmeric Lattes have become rather popular over the last couple of years, being introduced to cafes across the world and not just because of how tasty they are. Turmeric has been used medicinally for over 4000 years with traditional western medicine only really taking notice over the past 25 years.

The key compound in turmeric which delivers the amazing health benefits is called curcumin. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant and an amazing anti-inflammatory, known to cause dramatic reductions in chronic inflammation throughout the body.

Even though our bodies need inflammation to help fight foreign invaders and repair damage, when the inflammation can't be removed and becomes a chronic issue is when it will begin to damage the body's own tissues leading to heart disease, Alzheimer's and even cancer.

With over 10,000 peer reviewed studies, turmeric has been shown to have an extensive list of health benefits including:

  • Supports cognitive function, cardiovascular system & weight-loss
  • Fights against cancer, Alzheimer's & aging
  • Aids with arthritis, depression & diabetes
  • Boosts Digestion, wound healing & immune system function

...and that's just scratching the surface!

The Bircher Bar Golden Latte Blend has been designed to get the most out of these miracle spices as we possible can. Combined with ginger, cinnamon and black pepper our Golden Blend is designed to increase the bio-availability of curcumin (up to 2,000%) as well as deliver a perfect flavour balance!


Hilbilby Fire Tonic

2.) Digestion - Hilbilby Fire Tonic

The Hilbilby Fire Tonic by the awesome folks at Hilbilby in Torquay is a potent immune booster and metabolic stimulant.

Adapted from a traditional gypsy recipe, Fire Tonic is a herbal infusion combining the best of raw & unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) with 24 other incredible natural ingredients - all included for their various health benefits.

ACV is the powerhouse of this tonic due to it's acetic acid content that helps the body absorb minerals, aids in digestion, decreases inflammation and also assists with controlling blood glucose levels.

Packed with endless good juju, this amazing tincture feeds the good bacteria in your gut to help your body restore its optimum balance and get the most out of your days. 

There are countless ways to take your Fire Tonic such as straight up shots, poured with soda over ice, in salad dressings or stir-fry sauces! However you choose to get it in, we recommend aiming for 10-15ml 1-3 times per day. 


SuperFeast Mason's Mushrooms

3.) Brain Activity - SuperFeast Mason's Mushrooms

This one is our favourite from the awesome SuperFeast crew! Mason's Mushrooms is an expert blend of various medicinal mushroom extract powders such as Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps CS-4, Agaricus Blazei, Shiitake, Poria and Maitake. 

Among numerous other things, many medicinal mushrooms are becoming widely known as a powerful 'nootropic' - essentially a substance that improves cognitive function, particularly memory, creativity and motivation. They have been celebrated and utilised in ancient cultures for thousands of years due to their wide-ranging and potent effects!

Mason's Mushrooms is a powerful adaptogenic blend and the most powerful nootropic we've come across. It also has a host of other benefits including:  

  • Protection from viruses, parasites and bacteria
  • Potentiated immunity
  • Increased capacity to detoxify pathogens
  • Increased energy, reduced fatigue
  • Unification of the body and organs
  • Hormonal balancing


If you're looking to improve your health and well-being or just maintain that amazing base that you've worked so hard to achieve - the above blends are an invaluable addition to your routine!

Hope this has been an insightful and inspiring read - you can all of the above products and many more at:


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